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The Holistic Paradigm of Health and the Three Principles

In order to thrive in these times, we need to understand the principles behind our health and our wellbeing. Innate wellbeing is our birthright. It is the blueprint for our entire body-being. However, it is surprisingly easy to get in the way of the expression and the experience of this. 

When we combine a holistic understanding of our body with the Three Principles understanding of consciousness, we are empowered to navigate our life with wisdom and grace.

These two trainings offer a deep journey into the Holistic Health Paradigm for people of all levels who are interested in good health, and a skills-based facilitator training in the Three Principles for those who wish to share their work with others. 

NEW! The Mastery Circle 

There are many groups and courses for BEGINNERs,
but where do you go for ongoing support and stimulus when you are developing EXCELLENCE and stepping into MASTERY? 

Starting September 2022, a select group for advanced practitioners, coaches and therapists who wish to deepen their service, and take their work, offerings and income to the next level. 

Facilitated by Rachel Singleton

Full details HERE


A nine month online training in the Holistic Paradigm of Health

  • How is health created?

  • How do we nurture and align to this?

  • How do we support this in others?

  • How does a holistic understanding of health differ to the mainstream discourse around health?

  • What does true health look and feel like?

Who this is for: complete beginners and anyone on their own health journey, as well as coaches, healers, carers, therapists and practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of the holistic health paradigm. 


A six month online facilitator training in the Three Principles

  • What is the true nature of our role and what is it that we support and serve?

  • How can we bring the Principles to our clients?

  • How do we listen for and support their transformation?

  • How can we navigate difficulty authentically and compassionately?

  • How do we integrate the Principles with other therapies?

Who this is for: coaches, healers, carers, therapists and practitioners who have some grounding in the Three Principles and wish to become more confident in their work. 

Meet your Tutors

Rachel Singleton

Rachel Singleton

Rachel has been working in the areas of intuitive healing and transformational consciousness since 1996. As the founder of LightBringer Essences, she has been deeply immersed in plant medicine for over 20 years. She is the author of Wild and Sacred Medicine. Through the teachings of the plants, her own healing journey and her work with clients, Rachel came to see that insight, awareness and presence are vital in transformational healing.


Rachel has been training and mentoring practitioners in the UK and abroad for over a decade, and has helped hundreds of clients over the years.


In recent times, an understanding of the ‘Three Principles’ - the work of Sydney Banks - has opened up her life and work in extraordinary ways. To find out more, go to the ABOUT page of this website. 

‘If we are to manage both the considerable challenges and gifts of our time, we need to root ourselves in that which is meaningful and long-sighted: our relationships with Nature, the sacred and each other.’ 

Rachel Singleton, Wild and Sacred Medicine

Ian Watson

Ian has worked in the field of natural healing and personal transformation since 1988. He founded The Lakeland College in 1993 and has been involved in the training of thousands of homeopathic practitioners around the world.


Ian has written & published four books, delivered hundreds of seminars & retreats, and spent many years specialising in emotional & psychological health.


Since 2011, Ian’s work has been transformed by an understanding of the principles of innate wellbeing discovered by the late Sydney Banks. 

To find out more about Ian Watson, go to:

Ian Watson
‘I like to think of healing as a journey that takes you in the direction of wholeness. Paradoxically, we are already whole and complete, yet we often experience ourselves to be somehow separate, lacking or broken. Healing, then, is a remembrance and a restoration of what is already true, but not yet visibly manifest.'

Ian Watson

Feedback from Previous Students

‘Rachel and Ian are both gifted teachers and also experienced in holding safe, sacred group space.” Martine


‘The insights and gentle loving space that Ian and Rachel held for our group has helped me to connect with my inner wisdom.’ Bindu

'You can’t put a price on the gentle healing Rachel and Ian nurture within each and every participant – it’s life-changing and truly magical.’ Lara


‘Ian and Rachel's beautiful energy provides the space and information for an incredible inner journey to happen.’ Vicki


'Ian and Rachel are skilful, gentle teachers with radiant inner power. They teach and hold the space with lightness and fluidity. And yet their teachings are sure and solid.’ Kate


‘A duo of Rachel and Ian works well, the topics are universal and can be interpreted from many angles by people of various backgrounds.’ Jelena

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