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Tutors: Rachel Singleton and Ian Watson

In these times, there is an increasingly urgent need for health practitioners who are grounded in a holistic model of health, who work in harmony with the intelligence of the body-mind and who empower their clients to understand and take full responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Currently, the need to consciously care for our health in a truly holistic way, in harmony with self and planet, is becoming ever more pressing. We are living through a time of great transition that is rapidly making visible those things that are no longer viable or sustainable in our modern approach to life. 


The prevailing modern medical paradigm is an example of this, seeing disease as an enemy to be feared and leaving patients feeling helpless and disempowered. When a person’s health is taken out of their hands and put into the hands of an expert, they lose their sense of their own ability to impact their own wellbeing. Yet eighty percent of modern illnesses are lifestyle related. A person's daily choices and health care matter.

Only when the innate self-healing capacity within
each of us is recognised and harnessed 
via gentle 
and natural means
 can a true restoration of health begin.

The confusion of information out there - in the media, from health professionals, on products, in communities - means that many people no longer feel clear about how to support their own health. The result is that people are living longer and sicker than they ever have, with more mental illness, and with an increased sense of isolation.


It is no surprise then that so many are looking beyond the medical paradigm and turning to alternative therapies.


There has never been a more pressing need for practitioners with the skill, insight and compassion to help a person come back to their own innate wellbeing.

Individualised holistic healing is vital in these times.


Rachel Singleton:  Rachel has been working in the areas of intuitive healing and health consciousness since 1996. As the founder of LightBringer Essences, she has been deeply immersed in plant medicine for over 20 years. Through the teachings of the plants and her work with clients, Rachel has come to see how insight, awareness and presence are vital in transformational healing. She is the author of Wild and Sacred Medicine, has trained and mentored practitioners in the UK and abroad, and has helped hundreds of clients over the years. In recent times, an understanding of the ‘Three Principles’ - the work of Sydney Banks - has deepened her work further. To find out more, go to the About Rachel page of this website

Ian Watson:  Ian has worked in the field of natural healing and personal transformation since 1988. He founded The Lakeland College in 1993 and has been involved in the training of thousands of homeopathic practitioners around the world. He has written & published four books, delivered hundreds of seminars & retreats, and spent many years specialising in emotional & psychological health. Since 2011, Ian’s work has been transformed by an understanding of the principles of innate wellbeing discovered by the late Sydney Banks. 

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Never has the human body and psyche been so bombarded with stressors: environmental toxins and radiation, the pollution of our air and water, the fast and stressful pace of living and the underlying pressure to achieve, highly processed and chemical-laden foods, unnatural working and living environments, and so much more. And all of this slips into our daily lives without us noticing most of the time. It all appears quite normal. Yet these stressors all add up to hundreds of large and little assaults on our health daily - and they have a cumulative effect.

How do we stay resilient in the face of this?
How do we recover our health sense so that we can navigate the modern world with grace and ease?


When we actively tend the body and psyche in the face of traumas, large and little, with natural and safe treatments, the body-mind does not have to carry the imprint of this trauma into the future. Instead, we are able to receive the gift of the challenge: the possibility to develop a stronger immune system after an illness, to become more thoughtful and aware about our direction after a setback, to become richer and more at ease in our psyche after weathering strong emotions, to become more deeply aware of our Self's needs through learning what constantly (and impeccably) does not work for us.

There is a healing cycle that we go through during any acute illness or trauma that takes us to a point of resolution. When we follow this cycle healthfully, we emerge stronger, having gone through a rite of passage: we land on a new shore; we are subtly but permanently transformed. This gift of transformation is part and parcel of the healing journey. And yet modern medicine has lost sight of this. And the loss of this impacts us greatly. Illness becomes something to fear and suppress, setbacks are failures, strong emotions are to be avoided at all costs, and suffering onwards is just the way life is. What if none of this were true?

As a Holistic Healing Practitioner, we get to understand something very different. We remember our regenerative capacity, innate and inviolate, and we reconnect to this remembering in our life and work. Our role then becomes that of supporting and facilitating this same recognition in our clients, helping them to see how a deep tending of the Self's needs, mindfully and wisely, brings gifts beyond anything they can imagine.


We help them to live in harmony with their life force, rather than at odds with it . 


‘The work of health professionals is to become full human beings and to inspire full human being-ness in others.’ 

Chogyma Trungpa Rinpoche


  • 9 live teaching days - 1 per month - consisting of seminars and group work

  • 9 x 2 hour live tutorials online - 1 per month - in small groups

  • Curated content - bonus material for home study between the teaching days

  • 1 personal mentoring session of 1 hour with Ian or Rachel

  • Private online community space (non-Facebook) to interact, share experiences and ask questions between sessions

  • Access to recordings of teaching sessions during the training and for 1 year after​



‘If we are to manage both the considerable challenges and gifts of our time, we need to root ourselves in that which is meaningful and long-sighted: our relationships with Nature, the sacred and each other.’ 

Rachel Singleton, Wild and Sacred Medicine


This training naturally embraces the demands of a range of people - from those of you who have personal health concerns you wish to address, right through to new and experienced practitioners. It is also a perfect foundation training for anyone wishing to embark on the journey of becoming a health practitioner.

This training will suit you if:


  • You have already studied one or more healing modalities and are seeking an integrated holistic foundation from which to practice & work with others 

  • You have struggled with your own health and are on a personal journey to dynamically and effectively impact your wellbeing

  • You are concerned by the mountain of conflicting information out there regarding what is healthy and you wish to be more informed, independent and self-reliant in terms of your health, your family’s health and/or that of your clients

  • You have a deep desire to help others to heal naturally and you wish to understand how to become a health practitioner who empowers others

  • You are interested in learning an approach to healing that is truly holistic and treats the body, mind and spirit as one

  • You want to understand how to work with - not against - the body’s natural self-healing capacities

  • You wish to learn the fundamental principles of health and wellbeing so that you have a strong foundation from which to confidently facilitate the healing process

  • You would like to be part of a supportive global community of holistic healers and to be part of a shift in the health paradigm

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Full price: £1495

This includes a non-refundable deposit of £195 to secure your place.


If you wish to pay by instalments, you are welcome to pay as follows:


Non-refundable deposit on applying: £195

Second payment: £650 Monday 5th October 2020

Final payment: £650 Monday 1st March 2021

We take payment by PayPal, Debit and Credit Card, BACS and international transfer.

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“True healing involves a growth in consciousness, an opening in awareness and a return to oneself. Everything else is symptom relief.”

Ian Watson, The Tao of Homeopathy



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