Rachel Singleton

For the last 20+ years, I have been working with people from all round the world to help them reconnect their outer lives to their inner wisdom.


When you reclaim this level of integration you cultivate a connection with your innate wholeness, wellbeing, joy, buoyancy and peace - the worth of this is beyond words. 

I first came to holistic therapies in my early 20s, needing to find a solution to my own chronic health problems. I suffered from IBS, malabsorption, chronic fatigue and colitis. For years, I sought answers from the mountain of information and misinformation there is around health. Though arduous at times, this whole journey gave me a unique perspective: not only did it enable me to experience first-hand how incredibly challenging chronic illness is, it also sent me looking for deep and reliable answers regarding how we recover and sustain health and happiness. 

For me, the real shift happened when I realised that I was seeking a different kind of information: information that was actually inside me, uniquely available to me moment-by-moment and borne out of my individual circumstances, constitution, background and needs. With the support of flower essences, natural therapies and holistic practices, and with a profound understanding of consciousness known as the Three Principles, I attuned to this inner 'health-sense'. I am happy to say that I now live with more joy, health and energy than I thought possible. 

I would love to share the fruits of this journey with you and help you, as I have helped hundreds of other people, to reconnect with their innate wisdom, health and mental wellbeing. 


An Outer and An Inner Training

Studied English Literature at Durham University, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Lancaster University. Worked as a secondary school English teacher for two years.

Re-trained as a homeopath, graduating as a licensed Member of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy.

Completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Healing with the Rowan School of Healing.

Trained and qualified as an Advanced Essence Practitioner with Beth Tyers and attended workshops from international essence teachers including Steve Johnson, Ian White, Daniel Mapel, and Lila Devi.

Became an Essence Tutor with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association and ran Advanced Essence Practitioner trainings in the UK and abroad. 

Set up the online International Essence Magazine - Sentire - exploring the use of Essence worldwide. 

Graduated from the Three Principles Facilitator Training 'Journey to Wholeness' taught by Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs.

Rachel teaching the Egyptian Advanced Essence Practitioner Training 2012

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LightBringer Essences - Combination mists and drops

Outer Training
I consider myself fortunate to have had two 'trainings' - the external therapeutic trainings I have had with excellent teachers from the UK and around the world; and an inner training that has come via the plants and people I work with. 
Inner Training

In 2000, I founded LightBringer Essences and went on to create my own range of wild flower essences here in the UK. The very first essences I made sent me on an incredible inner journey which continues to this day - a journey of daily communion with the wisdom of plants, my essential Self and the natural world. The essences have taught me, shaped me, held me, honed me and helped me blossom in body and spirit in these intervening years. Along with my clients and students whose wisdom, courage and need has required me to stretch and reach to meet them (just as our work together has asked this of them), I consider these plants and people my greatest teachers. 


I am the author of three books: Alight Within: The LightBringer Essence Handbook (now out of print), As Life Leads (poems and insights for living with Spirit's grace) and my latest book, Wild and Sacred Medicine: The New LightBringer Essence Handbook.

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The New LightBringer Essence Handbook - Wild and Sacred Medicine.