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Yellow Flowers


For coaches, health practitioners, therapists, healers,
business entrepreneurs, change-makers 
and soul weavers. 


Coaching Services


If you are on this page then you are embarking on, or in the midst of, a process of transformation and transcendence. You are leaving behind an old self and coming more fully into the expression of who you really are. You are deepening your ability to recognise, heed and live from your wisdom. You want to align your outer world to this inner wisdom.

I am here to help you with this. 



If you feel drawn to work with me you are:

  • Open to the possibility of greater joy, ease and flow in your life 

  • Ready for (or in the middle of) a profound transformation and wishing to navigate this from your wisdom

  • Aware that the way your world will change is from within You

  • Open to transcending previous limitations

  • Seeking to potentise your work, relationships health and/or wealth and to live life at a more expansive and conscious level

  • Ready to deepen your relationship with your own wisdom

  • Committed to discovering your true potency - and living your life from here

Transformation and change

"When a true realisation takes place, it's not the knowledge from one's intellectual understanding, rather, it's a glimmer from the spiritual intelligence that guides one's direction from within."  

Sydney Banks


Before booking to work with me, let's have a conversation to ensure that we are a good match for each other.

I want to get to know you, to find out more about your needs, the kind of support you want, and your sense of where you are and where you want to be. You can use this time to get to know me and to see if you feel like I am the right person for you. 

The initial exploration session is 30 minutes. There is no obligation to work with me after this time, and I will not put you under pressure; however, please only book a session if this is a genuine enquiry. 

Wild Flowers

We are sentient beings, living in a mystical Universe rich with sensory information. Life touches us at all levels at all times.


We do not want to escape, suppress or fear this.

We want to harness this. 


The time we have together will be sacred time. A time outside of time. 

Here, we will be entering a space of quantum energy where we will explore beyond what is possible. 

Sydney Banks talked about the principle of Universal Mind - the infinite intelligence that is within all of Life. This is within you and it is within me. These sessions are time for you to plug into Infinite Intelligence and let it guide you. 

In our time together, this is what I will ask of you:

  • That you give yourself time and space to settle before our session so that you are already tuned in to yourself before we start. 10 -20 minutes of quietness is enough.

  • That you arrive on time.

  • Find yourself a space that is peaceful and quiet, and free of distractions and interruptions. 

  • Silence your notifications, and stop them pinging up on your screen whilst we talk - on the device we are using, and on the devices you have near you. 

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart, ready to meet yourself at the deepest level. 

  • You open to the possibility that this is a space where you will not ever need to speak negatively about yourself, put yourself down or apologise for yourself. 

This is what I offer you:

  • My whole presence. My complete attention to your inner being and your true nature. 

  • Acceptance of where you are, and curiosity about where you wish to go and how you wish to be. 

  • A commitment to listening from the depths of my being to the depths of yours.

  • A space that is quiet, deep, safe and scintillating with energy and wisdom. 


If you have had an initial exploratory session and you are happy to proceed, or if you have worked with me before and wish to come back, please get in touch or use the button below to make your payment. 

I work in blocks of six sessions over four months, via Zoom. Sessions generally take place every two weeks. You will have four months, from the point when you engage my services, in which to complete your sessions. You are welcome to continue for further blocks of six sessions after this.

FEES - New Tier System

During these extraordinary times, you may be finding things difficult financially and find yourself unable to afford my fees. As a result, I have created two further payment tiers below my normal charges. You are welcome to choose a level of payment that is both affordable to you, and yet reflects the value you place on these sessions and on your transformation.

The following fee is for 6 x one hour sessions over 3 months. Fees are paid in full prior to starting and no refunds are issued after this time.

  • Tier 1: £1800 

  • Tier 2: £1350

  • Tier 3: £950

I also make available two scholarship places every 3 months. These places are for people who are truly in need, specifically if you fall into one or other of these criteria:

  • Struggling with your health and wish to turn this situation around, but have very little available income


  • You are in a caring/pastoral role for a community of people, but only receive a small stipend, and would like to receive support for yourself as you support others 

You will be invited to pay what you can afford for this service.

Please go to the contacts page if you wish to reach out and enquire further about a scholarship place. 


If you have already been through a 3 month coaching package with me and wish to go deeper,

you may be interested in the




"If the only thing that people learned was to not be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world." 

Sydney Banks

'It’s hard to articulate the potent and resonant peace that Rachel exudes. Rachel’s quality of tone and exquisite command of words is such that I suspect she could calm a raging elephant bull with little more than a few sentences.

Rachel has been both trusted council and supportive educator for me over many years. Each experience has been as vital and pertinent as the last, and each contact has brought some deep insight that has gone on to reverberate through the following days and weeks. Not always comfortable . . .  but usually devastatingly on point!'

- Gareth Wilkins

"Working with Rachel, I feel heard, held, and met at the whole being level.  


Rarely have I met someone who does not only facilitate transformation in others but is also an embodiment of loving presence themselves. 


Rachel creates and holds a potent, vibrant and abundant space. Here, I can easily step beyond my personal thinking into an inner place humming with creativity and possibilities.


There is more clarity of thinking and effective decision-making in all aspects of my life, relationships, and career. There is little lag between making a decision and taking the appropriate action. 


My clinical days are not only easier but many more patients are feeling better. And I generally feel a more sustainable and constant level of ease and loving presence."


- Dr Hung Tran

"I have known Rachel for many years and have had the privilege of following the forever evolving fabric of her amazing work. I absolutely love her magical Lightbringer Essences and the way she writes.


As a practitioner, through her consultations and teaching, she has this unique way of holding space where I find myself going on an exquisite journey of feeling truly seen and heard.

This is so precious and I am so grateful to you, Rachel."

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