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Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks

'Over thirty-five years ago, I had a profound spiritual experience that revealed to me three, long lost, divine principles that are the foundation of all human experience.

I was an average working man, not searching for truth or wisdom or even aware of much beyond my day-to-day life. Why me? I’ll never know, but my life became a mystical journey where people suffering mental anguish of every kind came to hear me speak or read my books and quickly found mental health and true peace of mind.'

The Three Principles

Sydney Banks was an ordinary man who experienced some extraordinary insights that changed his life. At a time in his life when he had been struggling and seeking for a very long time, a chance encounter with someone during a break at a workshop he was attending, led him to see something significant about 'thought' and the nature of human experience.

He saw that all human experience comes from the inside-out: what we think about a situation, a set of circumstances, ourselves or another person, determines how we experience it. And, furthermore, if what we are experiencing in a given moment or situation is a lot of discomfort and distress, then this is because we are listening to tired old, habitual thinking. It has nothing to do with the situation itself.

There is enormous freedom in this realisation. By understanding the true nature of reality - that we experience what we are thinking - we regain our sovereignty. We can live life from a much lighter, freer place.

This has implications for our health and wellbeing, our relationships, our work in the world and our peace of mind.

Throughout all his teachings and writings, Sydney Banks constantly points us back to our spiritual ground. He invites us to look for a beautiful feeling, and to let the power of beautiful feelings guide, teach and shape our consciousness. From here, we gain access to our insight and our wisdom, and our life unfolds in ways that are unexpected and wondrous.

A sparkling stretch of sunlit river

'All you have to do is look within and see how beautiful and spiritual you really are, and when this is seen then the solutions to all your problems will come.'


Sydney Banks


If you would like to know more about the Three Principles, you can browse my Blog, listen to my Beautiful Feeling Podcast or watch myself and my dear colleague, Ian Watson, in conversation on YouTube. There is also a wonderful website of free resources that allows you to access the teachings of Sydney Banks.

For Three Principles coaching and mentoring with me, explore what's on offer here, and for the opportunity to study the Three Principles one-to-one and work towards becoming a coach, you can find our more here


Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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