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Three Principles Training

with Rachel Singleton

Are you on a journey to understand the Three Principles better?

The Three Principles is a foundational understanding that points us back to how our experience  is created. The founder of this understanding was a wonderful, but ordinary man called Sydney Banks who saw something remarkable that changed his life. Syd spent many years teaching, sharing his work and capturing his ideas in writing, and his teachings have gone on to impact thousands of people since.


The nature of his insightful teachings offers us something perennial, practical and ever-deepening. We never get to the bottom of this understanding; there is always more to see.

It is my wish to serve your journey to deepen into this understanding and find your own beautiful path with it.

Below you will find the ways in which you can work with me, 1-2-1, to deepen your understanding. My offerings are all online guided programmes with clear structures. I tailor and adapt the specific sessions to your particular interest, expression and need, whilst ensuring you have a complete understanding.

Sydney Banks constantly points us back to the Wisdom within us.
He speaks to the reality that
we are all we need.
To live the truth of this is incredibly potent - for ourselves and others.

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What Trainings are Available?

You can learn with me at the Foundational Level - exploring this understanding for your own interest and wellbeing and that of your loved ones, or you can take a deeper journey further and train to become a Three Principles Coach or advance to the level of a Master Coach.

These trainings take place online via a secure platform and are available to anyone in the world who has internet access.

See below for further details and do get in touch if you have any questions.


The Foundations Level 1-2-1 training will help you gain a confident understanding in what the Three Principles are, and their practical value in your life.

You will go on a personal journey of exploration and contemplation. You will be able to unpick any areas of this understanding that feel difficult or unclear for you, and begin to find how navigational the 3Ps are for a peaceful and loving life experience.

Duration: 6 months

10 x 60 mins sessions plus 2 x 90 minute sessions

Fee: £1700

10% off for current clients

For full details click here

To enquire further, please get in touch

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This course follows on after the Three Principles Coach qualification and is for those who wish to take their Coaching to an advanced level.


Here, you will explore the Holistic paradigm of Health in the context of the Three Principles. You will begin to understand the energetic/spiritual nature of symptoms, and explore how best to help clients who are navigating mental or physical illness in their life.

You will be asked to submit recorded sessions with clients, and will receive feedback and review on your case-taking skills. And you will fulfill a Special Project of your choice (such as setting up an online group to teach the basics of the Three Principles, delivering a workshop, writing a series of articles, set up a podcast, etc)

Teaching Hours: 6-10 months 12 x 60 min sessions plus 2 x 90 minute sessions, plus 4 hours review and feedback of submitted work

Fee: £2900

For full details, please get in touch

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This 1-2-1 Three Principles Coach training offers you a complete grounding in the Three Principles understanding. 

You will become confident in understanding, applying, sharing and articulating the Three Principles.

You will explore both Sydney Banks' foundational philosophy, and develop your own way of confidently and skillfully coaching clients.

Duration: 12-18 months with 20 x 60 minute sessions, plus 4 x 90 minute sessions.

Fee: £4500

You can add further modules to this training to received a Master Coach qualification: see below.

For full details, please get in touch

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If you have any questions about any of the courses on this page, don't hesitate to reach out with your enquiry and we can book a one hour Discovery Call over zoom to see if this is the right path for you. 

Email Rachel here to book a Discovery Call

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Become A Confident Coach

It is my wish to support you in becoming a confident, attentive practitioner, and support you as you find your own voice and style of working.

I wish to help you become
a coach who can hold a space of true sensitivity and healing for your clients, helping them to their see and hear their own essence. 

And it is my wish that you find
joy and beauty in this work so that it may nurture you for many years to come.

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