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The Beautiful Feeling Podcast

In the Beautiful Feeling Podcast, I embark on a journey of 12 conversations with a range of spiritual speakers and teachers, to explore a central teaching within the Three Principles Understanding.

Sydney Banks said that 'when you live in a beautiful feeling, it will teach you everything you need to know. ' This feels so potent and permissive to me. Syd is not referring to personal feelings, he is referring to a spiritual state of being. 

For me, this has helped me to navigate a part of myself that has always 'taken over': the part that says that I should be in my head, addressing and working things out, analysing, reviewing, assessing and improving. All of which feels like hard work.

Instead, Syd points us back to something far more generous, spacious, permissive - and it seems to me - more true. Within our being is a wisdom that exceeds our intellectual capacity, a knowing that is beyond any learned knowledge. This wisdom comes with a beautiful feeling. As we navigate back here, we begin to experience life in a very different way. 

I look forward to having you with me on this journey. 

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