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Rachel Singleton - Transformational Coach

Contact Rachel

If you have a question or comment, or if you would like to find our more about how I can help you, I would love to hear from you. 

Getting in Touch



The best way to contact me directly is by email. I aim to answer all emails within 3 workings days

Please note: I do not work on Wednesdays or on Weekends (or during the night!) so please be patient during these times.  

Email details/contact time below.


Instagram: rachel.a.singleton

I regularly share insights or reflections that I hope brings beauty and clarity to your day. It would be lovely to connect with you on social media. 


In my monthly newsletter, Drops of Grace, I share deeper reflections on the Three Principles Understanding and on living a life infused with Love. I don't bombard you constantly with emails; I do send you something thoughtful every 1 or 2 months. 


Do you feel that you would like to work with me?

Please use the contact form below or email me directly to book a 20 minute discovery call.

These sessions are totally free of pressure: an opportunity for you to see if this feels right for you

Full details of my coaching packages are here

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Consulting Hours

My main consultation days are:


10.15am - 12.30pm UK time

Tues and Thurs:

10am - 8pm UK time

If you would like to have some coaching sessions with me and these times do not work for you,, please do get in touch and I will offer you a different time if I can.

You are Wise ~You are Well ~You are Whole

Client Testimonials

"There’s a rare quality that Rachel possesses and brings to her work; an expansive quietude in which deep presence can flourish . . . where I can feel my own truth resonate fully enough to bring into the light."

- Robyn Tyers

"I have found the sessions with Rachel extremely valuable.


My key takeaways from this time are: coming back to what is true and coming back to love. I have reconnected with my breathing. I know that I am valuable.

Rachel's coaching style is both very gentle and very present. I felt safe very quickly. She guided me to what I already know but tend to forget.

Thank you Rachel."

- Maren

"Rachel offers the most lovely, kind space.


I feel like I have entered into a whole different relationship with myself. I feel so much lighter in my being. I can meet my own discomfort or pain so much more gently, and I understand now how to respond.


The answer is love, love and always love. I had never fully felt the truth of that before. I will be forever grateful for this work I have done with Rachel. Doing the Journey of Love has changed my life. "

- Sandra Gray
Mother, Artist and Author

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