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This is a series of short conversations between Rachel Singleton and Ian Watson as they ponder different areas of life, spirituality and healing. 

May they inspire and uplift you.

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Healing Conversations with Rachel and Ian Watson

To connect with more of Vicki's work, you can find her here:


'Listening to this conversation between Jason and Rachel, I find that Rachel's words are like warm blankets wrapping around me. The place she was speaking from: it is soft, it is loving, it is so gentle, and it is oozing with wellness, wisdom, and Supreme Intelligence. It is the kind of place I can rest in and trust in.


"I am reminded that physical change happens first in our consciousness. Instead of focusing on the illness and on what's gone wrong with the body, we can focus on the health and perfection of the system, knowing that it's working perfectly. It really takes courage to ignore the mean, critical, cynical voice in the head and instead listen to the kinder, more loving part of ourselves.


This morning, I woke up feeling so much lighter and brighter. My system has done its healing work while I slept, there was nothing I did to make that happen, to tell it or control it to do so! How miraculous, how magical! My body, my system, my wisdom is so intelligent!"

 Emily Nature

Rachel Singleton and Charli Wall on 'Courage Dear Heart' podcast


In this conversation, Charli Wall and Rachel Singleton consider 'What's Love got to do with Health?' Apart from the fact that they both feel like singing some Tina Turner, this conversation is soft, gentle and healing.

Here, Rachel and Charli explore the transformative power of love - for the body, for the soul, for life - and how we can begin to put our life back into love's hands. 

Jason Shiers and Rachel Singleton on Misunderstandings of the Mind Episode 38


In this conversation about Misunderstandings Around Health, Jason Shiers talks to Rachel about a holistic, Three Principles based understanding of health.Understanding that our true nature is aligned to wellbeing is vital for those embarking on a healing journey. The natural equilibrium of our system means that we are aligned to wellness. What gets in the way of this and how can we align to this? 



Vicki Montague has created a fabulous series of podcasts and interviews for her Hopeful Conversations series. She is interviewing people who have gone through the distress of a serious illness or challenge in their life and have found a path of healing through.

In this episode, Vicki interviews Rachel about her journey back from chronic ill health.

Vicki Montague interviews Rachel Singleton on 'Hopeful Conversations'
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