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Your Nervous System is Wired to Love . . .

What if your nervous system is exquisitely aligned to love? What if the only time your nervous system ever gets disturbed is when you move away from love?

And what if it’s so finely tuned to love that the slightest movement away will always shows up here? A flicker of unease, a slight tensing in the body, an increase in heart rate, a rise in blood pressure.

What if it’s part of your internal navigation system? And whenever we are moving in the direction of love, nestling deeper into love’s folds, our nervous system immediately reflects this. Like a cat it purrs, and relaxes, stretches and eases. Content, warm and safe. We feel calmer, more settled, and more in our right place.

What if all of this is happening inside our own consciousness? In any given moment, we are moving towards love or away from love, in some subtle or not-so-subtle way. And what if - because the central nervous system goes to every part of our body - our entire body and being expresses for us whether we are in love or out of love?

Image of beautiful paper hearts hanging from strings
Image courtesy of Ben Kerckx on Pixabay

The Sea of Love

We are not talking about romantic love here. We are talking about the Sea of Love that we swim in at all times, under all circumstances, as spiritual beings. The oneness. The nature of the Universe.

Doesn’t this change how we view the stress response within ourselves? So often, we are harsh and judgemental with ourselves if we show the slightest nervousness, anxiety, vulnerability or too-tender-pain. When we feel tired, dispirited, wired or frayed at the edges.

But what if we did not need to fight, judge or try to control this? What if this is exquisite and timely feedback, here for us not as a flaw in us? Our body letting us know where our consciousness is going. Our body flagging up for us what’s happening in our own thinking.

When our thoughts are heavy, judgemental, constrictive, or blaming, our experience of Being shrinks to the vibrational frequency of these tight thoughts. We struggle to thrive in such an environment. The inner spaciousness of our being literally and immediately contracts, and in our felt experience we become smaller and reduced in the face of that judgement. Whether the judgement is towards ourselves, or some aspect of ourselves that we are critical of, or whether it is towards our life, our situation, our world, our family members, our leaders, the people around us, someone’s actions, our actions or our lack of actions, it’s all the same stuff.

It all has the same contractive quality.

It’s all just steps away from love.

And our being, via the flickering electric immediacy of our central nervous system, shows that. It shows the discomfort, before we’ve even had time to see what we are doing.

Image of blue crashing waves
Oceanic. Image courtesy of Dimitris Vetsikas on Pixabay

Awareness of your Being in this Moment

We can start to watch this with curiosity, to notice when we’re moving away from our own essence - our essential loving nature. To notice when we are forgetting that this is what we are, and starting instead to judge and control.

Our nervous system, our entire being, will also beautifully affirm for us the moment we turn back towards love.

We experience this as expansion and relaxation, as softening and opening. When we feel this, we know that we are moving back into a higher level of consciousness, a bigger level of seeing, something more grounded and more true.

So, I invite you to watch the flickering, lightning fast responsiveness of your being, not with judgement and fear, not with a compulsion to fix and control, but with curiosity, with a trust in the wisdom and kindness that is written into this responsiveness.

Why is your body-being flaring up in this moment? Where have your thoughts gone?

Can you begin to notice when they become harsh, dark and critical, insecure and frightened? And, as you see this, can you see this with tenderness, knowing that this is the human way, that there is nothing wrong with you? You are simply caught in thoughts that do not serve you. Can you then notice that in this tender seeing of what is happening here, you are already beginning to relax again?

You have already moved a little closer to love again. Your inner condition of unease is already unravelling. The body already knows this and the body has already started to relax a little.

When we experience that we are being met with kindness within our own being, from our own self, it can feel like a miracle. Especially if we have spent years listening only to the harshest thoughts within ourselves, somehow thinking that they are the important ones, they are the ones we need to take note of.

No, we need to listen to love not judgement.

When we offer ourselves loving tenderness, we can see that we immediately feel safer inside. This is impeccable and vital feedback. It shows us that we are moving in the right direction. The body softens. We have more internal space again. We are allowed to Be, in our weakness and vulnerability, in our strength and joy.

Can you tenderly embrace yourself as you are? Can you move a little closer to being the love that you are? Whenever you allow love’s expression through you, your central nervous system smiles . . . warmth, contentment, a quiet sigh, a softening of tension. You begin to reset and realign. You come home.

Now, in your ease, you are able to navigate your life more gracefully, and with more joy and ease.

Image of the northern lights above snowy mountains
Northern Lights courtesy of Noal Buaza on Pixabay

Being Love, Offering Love

Being Love, Offering Love

If you are a practitioner, a coach, or a health worker, every act of loving and tender awareness, every moment when you notice judgement sneaking in and seeping in, changes you and changes what you can offer to another.

As you remember that you can lean into something kinder, bigger, more generous and much further seeing, as you offer this to yourself gently and consistently, where you can and when you can, your ability to hold space for another increases exponentially.

You begin to show up as a radiant and gentle force for others.

You become a safe space for them to bring their vulnerabilities and offer them love.

You become a healer in the truest sense, not because you are doing something to anyone, but because you have recalled how to be in the Sea of Love and let the feeling of it into your being. In receiving this yourself you are suddenly and powerfully qualified to offer it. You remind another that they are already Whole.

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