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Do You Recognise Wisdom?

You would think that we would recognise Wisdom when we hear it. That it would feel different. That it would have a certain shimmering luminosity that captures our attention. That we would recognise it as something Divine speaking into and through us. And, as such, it would stop us in our tracks, call us to attention, make us listen. And we would not pass on by when we heard it.

It is all of this. Wisdom does all of this. And yet we do pass it by.

However, we do this innocently. We ignore wisdom and don’t heed its guidance simply because we seem to have forgotten how to recognise it. We have forgotten the sound of its quiet voice within us, the sweet loving feel of it, its radiant touch in our heart and the way it lifts and expands our spirit. And, we have forgotten its transformational impact on our life. So we don’t Look and we don’t Listen for it anymore.

In a strange way this is good news. Why would I say that?

Well, it means that we have hardly begun to access what wisdom can offer us and therefore we are going to experience enormous improvements when we do. In my work with clients, I see that even just beginning to listen for and to wisdom is transformational. A person will quickly start to blossom and thrive.

There is no other way that this can go: when we start to let our innate wisdom guide our lives, we begin to have a more loving and joyful experience of life.

However, what I see is how blocked this is for so many, and how not recognising wisdom is far more prevalent than connecting to and heeding it. So, in this post I want to flag up some of the ways we can fine tune our sensibilities, because we want to retrain ourselves to take notice of the dancing light illuminating our consciousness, to recognise its touch and feel, and to pay attention when it calls to us.

How Do We Miss Wisdom?

We don’t realise how well trained we are in our society. Despite appearances to the contrary out there in the big wide world, most people are surprisingly good at following rules, adhering to norms and expectations, and believing what others tell them. These are not bad traits per se. Indeed, they enable families, communities and societies to function: if we have common agreements on standards, behaviours and even the paths we take in life, then we are living with a certain degree of order and harmony - something we can all appreciate. And, if others who have gone before us have knowledge and experience regarding how things work then of course it makes sense to learn from them.

However, something happens if we go too far down this path: we lose the ability to think for ourselves. A certain automated compliance begins to creep in that erodes our sovereignty and our native sentience. The voices of others begin to speak louder in our minds than our own voice to the point where we become confused about what is our truth and what is someone else's. We begin to struggle to hear our own 'good sense'. Our conditioning begins to subsume our own responsive intelligence - our ability to sit in the living moment and feel our wisdom way.

Image of a compass in a person's hand

Wisdom Comes With A Feeling

Until we remember and reconnect with what Wisdom feels like we struggle to know which voice within us is ‘ours’. Which one is just reactive and which one is truly for us. Which one is learned and which one is our own deep and reliable Seeing borne out of moment. We feel caught in a circus of voices that mimic, distract, tease and frustrate, and it isn’t always clear what we should be listening to and for.

However, our feelings are what give us a clue. When we quieten and begin to notice what is happening inside ourselves, when we sink beneath the noise and clamour and ask ourselves what is our truth, then we find that our heart and spirit always know.

And this knowing comes with a feeling. It is a feeling of expansiveness and relaxation. It's a sense of a pressure valve being released and worry dissipating. We suddenly see clearly again - what is happening, what needs to happen, what is true, what is illusion, what is important, what is distraction, where to go and how to be with this. It is as if everything suddenly slots in its rightful place. We feel at one with our world. We feel much more at ease. We feel at home. Our mood lifts, our energy increases and our spirit feels so much lighter. We see the rightness of things and we know how to navigate our way.

So, this is what truth feels like in our body and in our being: light, expansive and right. Another word for truth is wisdom, and another word for wisdom is love. They all come from the same source and bring the same quality of feeling, and this feeling is pure guidance. When we are in the presence of such feelings then we are in the presence of something deeply trustworthy and reliable.

That which makes us relax back into our own essence is that which we want to be listening to.

And Then There's The Opposite ...

Now, by contrast, that which isn't wisdom - or love - or truth - doesn't feel like this. We don’t feel like this.

Instead, we feel pressured and tense, uneasy and anxious. Our energy dips and our mood lowers. We feel heavier, darker and less joyful. Our world looks heavier, darker and less enjoyable. We find ourselves wading through an inexorable field of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, doubting and second-guessing ourselves. We get agitated and unhappy.

Our world becomes smaller. We feel smaller and less able to impact things - we feel more helpless. We cannot access our sovereignty, our possibility or our creativity. Our thinking becomes confused and our mind becomes more and hectic and noisy as we desperately try to ‘work things out’.

So, the important thing to remember is that when we are in the grip of an unpleasant experience like this - even though we might want to say that the cause of our problems is something 'out there' in the world - we can be certain that the cause is internal: in this moment we are agitated because we are listening to our conditioning rather than to our wisdom, to fear rather than our truth in this moment.

When we feel these kind of uneasy, agitated and unpleasant feelings we can know that - in this moment of feeling like this - we are at the effect of that which is not wisdom.

And we know this because wisdom will never feel like this. So this is navigational information. In turn, this helps us to know that this voice is not one that we need to keep listening to - it is just a whole load of agitated thinking temporarily taking over the airways. If we quieten, and drop down beneath this and wait, we will begin to hear our wisdom.

Iris blossom

Once Heard Never Forgotten

Wisdom doesn't feel like stress and suffering. Wisdom always, and without exception, feels expansive and inclusive, peaceful, generous and 'right'.

When we begin to recognise the feel of Wisdom, we cannot ‘unrecognise’ it. There is no going back.

It is simply too ‘right’ and too beautiful to ignore. It feels too good in our being and in our life for us to continue to dismiss it. We begin to recognise its luminosity - in ourselves and others - and to let ourselves rest in its radiance and kindness. Of course, our connection will ebb and flow for a time: we will slip into old ways, forgetting what we have Seen - but then we remember again, and suddenly we are back home, in our own essence and at one with our world. And we know we don’t want to keep leaving this. We let this beautiful trajectory take us on its way.

Over and over I see clients transform as they reconnect to their wisdom and learn to trust it. Suddenly, there is this feeling that they are no longer alone.

When we open the door to Wisdom, wisdom opens countless doors for us, over and over, endlessly and perfectly, in every living moment. It simply stops making sense to turn away from this.

So in the days ahead, can you start to look and listen more deeply for wisdom? You will know it when you feel it because it will feel loving, generous and good, and it will have your back. It will enable you to navigate situations with greater consciousness and greater ease. It will keep you seated in You. It will help you to find your loving way.

Notice, watch, see what happens. This is available for you all the time. It is here - on tap and on demand - and it will never ever leave you.

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