Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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Would you like to connect with me in person to see if I can help you? If I feel I am not the best person for you, I will let you know. The best time to call me is during my phone-in:

Weekly phone-in: Monday 4pm-6pm

We each have within us a deep, quiet knowing . . . 

This knowing is awake and responsive to our exact needs as they are emerging, anchored in the wholeness of our body-being, alive to the moment.


Through awareness, insight and the support of flower essences, you can reclaim your ability to heed

and be guided by the wisdom of your Essential Self.



A Vision of Healing

As vital, sensing beings it makes sense that we need sentient therapies to support us - therapies that are natural, effective and responsive to our needs in the living moment.

Harebell LightBringer Essence

Old paradigms of 'talking' therapies and counselling often focus on what is wrong in our life and our past: our wounding. This can lead us to believe that we have a lot of 'work' to do on ourselves before we are fixed.

The implication is that something was broken in the first place, that we are broken.

However, life can be experienced from a place of wholeness rather than lack.

When we reach for our innate wisdom, and let awareness infuse us from here, moment by moment, an alternative way of being is revealed to us that is peaceful, potent and regenerative. We acknowledge our inherent wholeness, and we let this guide us. We don't have to do anything to make this happen - we only have to be aware that it does.

This understanding changes everything . . . 

A series of between 6 one hour sessions, taking place every 3-4 weeks. We work together in quietness and sacredness, listening for - and strengthening your connection to - your essential self.

Includes an essence prescription with each session.

Available by skype, zoom or phone.

Cost £130 deposit, £46 each for up to 5 follow-up sessions

A three hour Soul Reading including a full scanning of your 'soulscape' or energy-field as it presents at this time. The Reading takes place at a distance whilst you spend the time quietly tuning in and receiving. Includes a full transcript, a prescription bottle of essences and a 30 minute phone follow-up. 

Cost £130

A one-off session in which you are guided to explore and seek insight and release regarding a current challenge you are facing in your life.

One hour spoken session by skype, zoom or phone, with personal preparatory time before and reflection time after. Includes a prescription bottle of essences.

Cost £95 


If you live in Cumbria and would like to see Rachel in person, please go to the Contact page to get in touch 

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