Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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Working hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm

Would you like to connect with me in person to see if I can help you? If I feel I am not the best person for you, I will let you know. The best time to call me is during my phone-in:

Weekly phone-in: Monday 4pm-6pm

You have within you a deep, quiet knowing

guiding you at all times

 Reconnect your outer life to your inner wisdom

As of March 23rd, for the next 12 weeks, I am offering the following support:

  • Free 10-15 min check-in on any aspect of your wellbeing on Mondays between 4-6pm (UK time). There is no pressure on this space - it is simply there for you to use it if you need some personal support. Simply telephone me on: 015394 37427. If the phone is already engaged,  leave me a message and I will call you back.

  • 45 minute sessions at reduced rates: £35 (no essences), £45 (with essence prescription sent out). These sessions can be essence consultations, practitioner mentoring sessions or simply a gentle place to connect in, go quiet and listen to your Self. You are welcome to have one single session or a whole series of them - you decide. Simply contact me to book, or book through the website here.

  • Soul Readings and Alignment Sessions remain available as usual.


New Blog Post - March 30th 2020


Essences provide vital support for our energy field and our inner vitality during these times.

Find out more here.

The knowing within you continuously guides your life; however, you may not be
heeding it and living from it. 
This knowing is awake and responsive to your specific needs as they are emerging, anchored in your wholeness, in this moment.
Through awareness and insight, you can reclaim your ability to heed and be guided by the wisdom of your Essential Self

Together, we will explore how you can deeply and practically recover your connection to your truth, wisdom, wellbeing and ease. 

On the Blog
Your are not broken: you are whole
The journey back to knowing this is both extraordinary and life-changing
Personal Support includes:
  • one-off Alignment Sessions for space in which you can clarify and re-align to your Deep Self during a challenging time
  • Soul Readings for when you wish to have an overview of your energyfield and a sense of your spiritual path and purpose
  • the Essential Self Programme for 6 months of personal support and sessions
  • Touch of Essences - Reiki and Flower Essence energy healing sessions in person in Cumbria
Professional Mentoring options includes:
  • one-off Alignment Sessions for a space in which to clarify and re-align with your vision and practice during a challenging time
  • the Potent Practitioner Programme for 6 months of personal support and sessions