Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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Working hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm

Would you like to connect with me in person to see if I can help you? If I feel I am not the best person for you, I will let you know. The best time to call me is during my phone-in:

Weekly phone-in: Monday 4pm-6pm

You have within you a deep, quiet knowing

This knowing is awake and responsive to your specific needs as they are emerging, anchored in the wholeness of your body-being, alive to the moment.


Through awareness and insight, you can reclaim your ability to heed and be guided by the wisdom of your Essential Self.


You have innate potency and you are completely, naturally able to thrive.

In these sessions, we will work together, dynamically, to hear and heed your innate wisdom - the power within you that enables you to transform yourself and your life. You will learn how to recognise this, and recover this as the core energy guiding your life. 


Available by skype, zoom or phone.

Cost £850 for 10 sessions over 6 months.

Currently on offer at £750 until the end of February.

The Soul Reading is a shamanic reading, rich with symbolism and imagery, that uncovers the energy you are transmitting, working within and moving through at this time. It will illuminate your psyche and consciousness, the blocks and difficulties you are experiencing and the way ahead that is clearest and brightest. 

The Soul Reading happens at a distance: you will simply spend the time at home, or in nature, quietly tuning in and receiving.

Includes a full transcript, essences and a 30 minute phone follow-up. 

Cost £195

A single session in which you are guided to explore and seek insight and release regarding a current challenge you are facing in your life.

Here, we will deeply connect with your wisdom, following this as it takes you beyond the apparent limitations you are facing.


One hour spoken session by skype, zoom or phone, with personal preparatory time before and reflection time after. 

Cost £95 

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