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You have within you a
deep quiet knowing 
guiding you at all times


What does it mean to Transform?

When you live your life from your knowing, everything starts to line up. 

You begin to experience more ease, coherence and joy in your life.


You experience greater flow in your work, wealth, health and relationships.

You begin to experience profound and effortless transformation.


Fears, insecurities, difficulty making decisions, ongoing conflicts and dramas - they all start to fall away.  You no longer feel pulled down by obstacles, challenges and internal and external pressures. 

You find that you have within you all that you need to beautifully navigate your life.

Transformational Coaching helps you to reconnect your outer world to your inner wisdom. 

5105 Web 2.JPG
Thick Forest

You came here with Purpose.
You are not broken; you are Whole.

The journey back to living in the Knowing
of this
is both extraordinary
and life-changing.

You are already perfect . . .

You have an inner Health Sense that guides your wellbeing

You have work to do in the world that is aligned with your Spiritual Vision

You have an innate capacity for Insight and for transcending problems


Deep Self guides your life every moment of every day

Your soul will use any circumstance to Expand and Evolve

If you are struggling to see any of this
then I would love to help you.


1-2-1 Coaching


Experience the power of sitting in your own wisdom, and being skillfully guided to hear your own deeper truth. 


Choose from

a single session or a series of 6 sessions

Journey of Love 1-2-1 Coaching Intensive

Premium coaching package which offers you a profound 6 month 1-2-1 coaching journey to align your life to the energy and wisdom of Love.

Three Principles Foundations

A 6 month training in the Three Principles for your personal interest and wellbeing.

Explore online, 1-2-1, in a programme adapted and tailored to your needs to give you a confident foundation in the 3Ps.

Three Principles Coach and Master Coach Trainings

Professional 3Ps Coach training, 1-2-1, fostering a confident understanding of the 3Ps, and easeful potent sharing with clients.

Advanced 'Master' Course available to deepen your skills further.

"There’s a rare quality that Rachel possesses and brings to her work; an expansive quietude in which deep presence can flourish . . . where I can feel my own truth resonate fully enough to bring into the light.”

Rachel is a true teacher of transformation. She embodies and radiates the Divine, loving energy of the Universe and gently, yet potently, shows you how to do this for yourself. She has guided me to feel, for myself, how this mysterious energy seeks only for us to thrive. Its benevolence and truth is the force behind all of our lives.

My life is unrecognisable compared to before I met Rachel. I now can choose to live from a deeply established sense of Presence within myself and find my life radiating out from that place.

- Kate Seren

"Rachel really sees you and is a skilled guide who knows how to point you back to your inner wisdom. She is gentle, loving and caring and holds the most beautiful space within which I've had many insights."

- Vicki Montague

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