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Six one hour personal sessions over 3 months with Rachel.



In these sessions you will recognise and reconnect to your true nature at a depth that you may not have experienced before. You will begin to understand more clearly how Love feels within you, and recognise the beautiful feelings that always accompany your truth. You will connect to the impeccable guidance that is found within your innate physical, mental and emotional responsiveness, and you will learn how to navigate this for greater emotional and physical health.


If you are a coach or health practitioner, the focus can be your work with others. If you are coming for personal reasons, the focus will be your own wellbeing. Often, the focus involves both your inner world and your outer work in the world.


With each session we will rest in a place of deep quiet presence where we can fully hear and heed whatever is uppermost in your life today. This may be something that feels difficult or uneasy for you that needs tending, or equally it could be some area of deep insight that is propelling you forward in beautiful ways and that asks to be witnessed and celebrated. With each session, we will connect to the everyday from that which is beyond the everyday - to the wisdom answers that are already available within you, and build on the understanding of previous sessions.



You may like to have a free 20 minute Discovery Session first if you have not had any coaching with me previously - this will give us time to get to know each other and to clarify your needs.



After the six sessions are finished you may feel that this part of your journey  is complete for now. Or you may wish to continue exploring where this leads via further sessions, or even enter into the deep and beautiful Journey of Love. I will never put you under pressure to go further, and, if you do wish to continue, then we can explore the options available if you wish.


Transformational Coaching/Mentoring package

  • Fees are paid in full prior to starting and no refunds are issued after that time.

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