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Resources: April 2022

Welcome to the Resources Page for Month Eight of the Holistic Healer Training.

The links to the recordings of the first day's teachings are available to watch on Vimeo, or you can download the audio from Google Drive. You can access them as follows:​

Video Files:  

Enter password: hygeia

Audio Recordings:


PDFs from Ian's Presentation

PRESENTATION 1: The Healer's Journey​

PDFs from Rachel's Presentation

PRESENTATION 1: The Catalysing Effect of Deep Presence

Flower Essence Q&A

For those of you who missed the live session, here is the recording for the Flower Essence session. 

Lots of great questions on how to use essences, make essences and take select essences. 

If you are interested in exploring some of the beautiful ranges of essences that there are out there in the world (and there are hundreds of them), I suggest that you dive into the list below and then find one range that really resonates for you.

Alaskan Essences (USA)

Atlantic Essences (England and France)

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bailey Flower Essences (north of England)

Crystal Herbs (England)

Findhorn Flower Essences (Scotland)

Healing Herbs of Dr Edward Bach

LightBringer Essences (England and Scotland) 

Mediterranean Essences (Europe)

Wild Earth Animal Essences (USA)

Many of these can be purchased from Healthlines: 

You can also find many more UK ranges here:

If you want to work with essences, become absorbed in one range. Play with it, learn it, let it help you and guide you. Most ranges have a good essence handbook and some cards to go with them, and a lot of the producers will also offer courses. 

Enjoy exploring!

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