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Resources: Feb 2022

Welcome to the Resources Page for Month Six of the Holistic Healer Training.

The links to the recordings of the day's teachings are available to watch on Vimeo, or you can download the audio from Google Drive. You can access them as follows:​

Video Files:

Enter password: hygeia

Audio Recordings:


PDFs from Rachel's Presentation: Nourishment

Exercise on Tuning In to your Body: Diagram 

Use this diagram to identify any areas of your life where you feel out of balance or that you would like to nurture and tend. Can your knowledge from today's teachings - including learning about Yin and Yang and the Elements and Planets - help you to deepen your understanding and responsiveness to these areas?

PDF from Ian's Presentation: The Elements


There are many wonderful resources out there that point back to wellbeing and the body.

We didn't get to talk about the microbiome; however, Dr Zach Bush offers some phenomenal resources and insights into the microbiome and wellbeing. It is as close to an inside-outside understanding as we get, whilst looking at the form.

He has recently put together a comprehensive programme on wellbeing education that looks at the microbiome, the virome, innate immunity and much more. Go to his website to find out more:

These videos are quite long and advanced. If you want a lighter way in, simply look him up on YouTube and explore some of the interviews people have done with him. 


The following books that take a holistic approach to nutrition and to what vital, nutrient-dense nourishment can look like. Read them lightly - not as rules, but as information that might resonate with your body - and they may give you some helpful pointers. 

'Fibre Fuelled' by Dr Will Bulsiewicz

'How not to Die' by Dr Michael Greger

'Eat to Live' by Dr Joel Fuhrman​

Dr Dean Ornish combines a gentle understanding of food, exercise and love in his book 'Undo it'. 

For Macrobiotics try the following:

'The Hip Chick's Guide to Microbiotics' by Jessica Porter

'Glow' by Christine Pirello

'The Self Healing Cookbook' by Kristina Turner

Any books by the founder of Macrobiotics - Michio Kushi


'Wheels of Life' and 'Eastern Body Western Mind' by Anodea Judith

'Hands of Light' by Barbara Ann Brennan

'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Caroline Myss

For those interested in the Chinese system of medicine, there are an excellent series of 'Chinese Medicine Cures' books by Bob Flaws. They go into the theory of Chinese medicine and often practical advice on key health issues. The one on insomnia has helped many of my clients: 'Insomnia' by Bob Flaws


'The Way of Qigong' by Kenneth S. Cohen

'The Healer Within' and 'The Healing Promrise of Chi' by Roger Jahnke

Chi Method book on walking and/or running by Danny Dreyer

'Mindful Spontaneity' by Ruthy Alon

Any books by Eric Franklin which look at deep, gentle release and return to flow throughout the body. You can also find some of his YouTube videos online. 

To look at the body's physical wellbeing in a Three Principles way, I highly recommend Chana Studley's book 'Painless'. This is written as a novel but is actually a deep exploration of how thought manifests in the body. Some challenging ideas in here, but I have seen it release people from a whole level of thinking - and pain - that they didn't realise they were carrying.

Enjoy exploring movement, nourishment and all good things. What does your body need? What is resonating with it? What do you wish to explore and immerse yourself in as a physical being? What feels good for you?

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