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Apprenticed to Wisdom
Guided by Love

Do you find yourself increasingly interested in operating at a higher level of being?

Are you drawn to living from a deeper connection with your essential nature?

Do you wish to enter a New Paradigm of infinite possibility?


It is my joy to witness you and accompany you

To offer you a pool of stillness to step into

To provide a space where you can listen to Love


Who is the Wisdom Apprenticeship for?


If you feel drawn to this you:

  • Are aware that life is alchemical and that you are alchemical. You wish to live this, explore this, deepen into this and follow where it leads 

  • Know that wisdom is constantly available to you and shows up in many different ways through you and around you. You wish to align to this ever more deeply

  • Sense that Love is Everything and that it is so much more than you thought. You wish to live your life from here

  • Wish to live a life of Love - thrumming with resonance, energy and possibility - and touch this in others

  • Are open to the creativity, abundance, vision and mastery that flows from being Love and living from Wisdom

  • Wish to have a regular space where you can dive deeply into all of this and become saturated with possibility and potential. A space of sacredness held impeccably and lovingly for you

  • Wish to have a witness, companion, guide and mentor on this path. Someone who will help you to see how and where Love shines through in every thread of your life



Apprenticed to Wisdom, guided by Love

'When clarity and purity of thought are present, the answer you seek will present itself, for what you seek is with you and has been with you always.

In the silence of our minds lies creative incubation, bringing the wisdom and joy we all seek.'


Preparing To Work Together

This is a journey of creative incubation. 

Your focus for the next 6 months is to be an apprentice to Wisdom and to Love. I am here to support you. My role is to See and Hear the Love in you, speak to and for the Love in you, and offer this back to you.


The sessions we have together are sacred time. A time outside of time. Here, we will enter a space of quantum energy where we will explore beyond what appears to be possible 

How will you show up?

With whatever life is bringing you

Open and curious

Patient with yourself, and willing to go beyond self blame or self judgment and sit in a space of Love

Committed and constant, fully present 


What can you expect from Rachel?

Complete attention to the wisdom in you and to your sovereignty 

Utter dedication to your journey and your path 

Loving reflection

Clarity, gentleness, strength and steadfastness


Details and Applying

What is it: 

A 6 month journey of exploration and immersion, deeply guided by your wisdom and your evolution, with Rachel to witness, support and coach.

What is included?

14 x one-to-one sessions with Rachel over a 6 month period. This includes 3 x 90 minutes reflection sessions (one each at the beginning, middle and end), 9 x bi-weekly 60 minute sessions in between, and 2 x 30 minute floating sessions to use as needed.


£5000 for 6 months.

Fees are paid in full prior to starting and no refunds are issued after this time.


The Wisdom Apprenticeship is only available to people who have already gone through a minimum of 3 months coaching with Rachel within the past 18 months, and now wish to go further and deeper. 

Rachel only takes 5 people at any one time for the Wisdom Apprenticeships. The next intake is in January 2023 and there are 2 places remaining.

If you wish to speak to Rachel about this, please use the contact form here to get in touch. 

"When you are in connection with Rachel, you will begin to understand why I say that it is a privilege to be helped and healed by her.

She always helps me to 'come home' to myself in the gentlest, most peaceful way - something I have felt the comfort of many times over these past years.”

- Jenny Davies

"This is a space of utter vibrancy and love. I cannot believe the changes I am experiencing and the power of our conversations. There are times when I have come feeling like I have nothing to say and nothing particular going on, but then we end up exploring something that is totally central to my life and being. I now know that I just need to turn up and relax, and wisdom will guide me. 

Thank you Rachel for the exquisite gentleness and responsiveness of you. l feel deep gratitude for you in my life.

- Dr Yvonne Meadows, Phd

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