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Your body holds within a deep power to rebalance itself.
In these energy healing sessions, I will be working with this innate inner harmony to help you recover your flow.
Touch of Essence Sessions are spacious, soothing, gentle, and deeply reconnective, for your mind, heart, body and spirit. You will begin to feel 'put back together' again.
Choose from one single 1.5 hour session or a minimum of 3 monthly 1 hour sessions. In person, in the Lake District, England, only.



In the session, you will be invited to lie down, fully clothed, on a couch, so that I may attune to and begin to work with your innate harmony and flow. Throughout, I may ask you questions or I may leave you to quietly receive. This is a space in which you can safely relax, feel and give feedback whenever you wish. Your experience and your energy will direct the session at all times. 


The work we do together will feel dynamic, supportive and affirming. You will be constantly guided back to your connection to your deep Self, and the living feel of this connection in the moment. 



Flower Essences will enable you to receive ongoing support between sessions, and help to bring insights and awareness as you move forward. I also encourage you to check-in - sending me an email or calling in my phone-in time - a few days after a session if you wish to let me know how you are.


Sessions are usually 3-4 weeks apart, and I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions, unless you are simply having one longer Touch of Essences session. Many clients come back monthly for their tune-up, and to strengthen their connection to their innate wellbeing and flow. 


The longer 1.5 hour session is £80 and includes a bottle of essences in the cost.

Monthly 1 hour sessions are £55 and include a bottle of essences each time. 


Payment is due 1 week before your consultation. 

To change a booking for a session, please give 2 working days notice or there will be an admin charge of £10.

Payments can be made by BACS, PayPal or card.


If you would like to know more or connect with me personally first, please contact me by email:

Or call me in my phone-in time: Monday afternoon 4-6pm 015394 37427


If you feel ready to begin work straight away, please click the button below. I will be in touch to arrange times with you. Please note my working hours below. 


My therapy days are usually Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursday between 10am-6pm, and Friday afternoons but I may have slots on occasion on other days and will try to be flexible if you are unable to make these hours.

Please note, at certain times there may be a delay before I can commence working with you when my practice is particularly busy. I will always endeavour to fit you in as soon as possible.