Testimonials from consultations and trainings with Rachel

Frozen Field

Thank you so much for everything you have offered in these sessions. You really have created a wonderful space to enable us all to drop into our own presence. It is beautiful to experience and awesome to behold... I have learned so much about myself and about holding space and being present.


Wise, compelling and inspirational teachings.

I found 'Relaiming Emotional Wellbeing' thought provoking and inspiring for myself and for client work.

It deepened my understanding of working with essences and their practical applications.


Rachel's teaching style is spacious and yet clear and precise. The information detailed on the accompanying worksheets really helped me to understand and assimilate the information from the course. Rachel is gracious and gentle but also insightful and direct. The whole course was organised in a very coherent manner, one building block on top of another until a full picture was seen. There was plenty of space for questions and conversations. At every point of the journey I felt valued and seen.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


Wonderful! I felt the wisdom and thoughtfulness around both the subject matter and delivery. I appreciated the deep way Rachel listened to questions, resulting in thoughtful answers. All info was presented without judgement of situations/people, which promotes empathy & kindness and was a positive example of how to approach these situations & people. Also, I witnessed how a teacher could collect thoughts and respond calmly, and not have it be disruptive with a huge pause. Knowledge of the subject matter and experience are at play in this exchange, and it was lovely to see in action.

White Sands

I always enjoy participating in Rachel's courses because she not only has a depth of knowledge and experience but her deep stillness and wisdom hold a space that is truly nourishing and heart opening. I always feel like I've been filled up with love whenever I've been in her presence.

Calm Sea


From the very first session, I felt and deeply sensed Rachel's amazing ability to hold space; even through online training, I felt it strongly and it was quite emotional and 'meditative'. Everything was so natural with Rachel and her deep, thoughtful presentation made the course so lovely and experiential and you knew her answers/responses to questions came from a place of genuine knowing, wisdom and experience.

Rachel's responses to sharing some of my insights throughout the course were very encouraging for me and has helped me to continue to move back along the path to working more closely with Essences.

Frozen Field


Life changing. My wish to consider and learn more about spirituality was surpassed. Words and phrases like ‘unscripted’, ‘quieten, soften, trust’, ‘my life is my practice’, ‘we are waiting for our souls to catch us up’ and the exercises pre session were all illuminating. And, in the case of teachings around alignment and relationships they have been life changing.

Rachel facilitated the sessions with gentleness, honesty, compassion, openness, nurture, clarity and respect. I couldn’t have asked or hoped for anymore. I will never forget these 6 sessions - they have been life changing and life affirming.


Thank you so much for your support. And I must say that I am blown away by your book, Wild and Sacred Medicine.

I feel soothed and calmed and back to rights. 

I always feel back to myself when I speak to you or read your words - it happens within moments.

I don't know how you do that!

It's like you see the joy of being, and you bring that out so that we can see it. 

It's just incredible.



I haven't been able to find the words to express how much your Soul Reading has meant to me. 

There have been so many moments since where a part of it came to me when I needed it. 

It is possibly one of the most profoundly healing and meaningful experiences I've had on my journey so far. 

I was on the verge of giving up and shutting down completely just before, but it has helped me find my way again. 

I'll always be grateful to you Rachel for such a precious gift. 

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Contact: by email

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