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What is the shape of your life right now? How does your energy-field look? What are the forces that are working for or against you? Where do you need to place your energy and focus?
Soul Readings take you into your 'soulscape' - the individual look and feel of your energy-field right now - in order to clarify and uncover key energies at work in your life.
Combining Nature Divination, Flower Essences, Distance Healing and Soul Scanning, the Reading looks deeply into your life as it is currently, reflecting this back to you and suggesting the most healing way forward. You will receive in-depth feedback in order to understand what is flowing (‘flowering’) in your life and what is not; where best to put your efforts; and what the deep spiritual lessons of this time are. The Reading may also highlight remedies, practices and essences you can work with to assist you going forward.


Soul Readings are done at a distance: you are not present in the room for this which means that anyone can have a Soul Reading, wherever they are in the world. Over the course of 2 -3 hours, I will work with your energy-field in sacred ceremony.

The ceremony involves soul-seeing, energy alignment healing and essence divination. Through these means I look at the entirety of your subtle-energy-field and act as a voice for your own soul as it reveals during the course of the Reading how best you can re-align your energy to restore harmony.


The whole process takes about 3 hours and we will book that time together beforehand so that you can set aside quiet time in which to simply be whilst the Reading takes place. During the Reading you can stay at home, meditate, go out and walk, rest, do yoga or anything else that feels quiet and nurturing. You will gently tune in to your soul and your deep needs, allowing yourself to feel and contemplate these. And you can rest in the knowing that you are being taken care of throughout the whole Reading, and open to receiving the gentle communion that takes place with your Soul. In turn, this means your Soul is present and available for me to work with.

This is time to receive healing, to let go, to be nurtured and cared for, to have someone else do the work for you. You can acknowledge and release any energy that you want to let go of during this time so that it can be cleansed as part of the Reading.


The Soul Reading itself concludes with an email transcript of the Reading which I will send you directly after so that you are able to see the insights that have come from this work, understand more clearly the whole picture of your journey at this time, see where best to put your energy and efforts, and see the potential within your Self when blocks are removed.

You also have the option of receiving a prescription bottle of Flower Essences (please note – this is only available where postal services allow to your country) and, if one emerges, a homeopathic prescription. These will help to keep the energy of the Soul Reading and its resulting healing working their way through your energy-field.

Within the following two days, you have the option to book a half hour phone or skype session with me so that I can clarify any parts of the Soul Reading for you and you can feed back and reflect on the process for you. Please note this service is not available later than 5 days after the Soul Reading as I cannot reach the energy of the reading so easily the further away we are from the date of the reading.


Simply book your session online or email me to book your session. 

Then send me a short paragraph that summarises what you need help with/answers around at this time. It is your questions that are important here, rather than details about your life. Any area of struggle or uncertainty that you want support around - this then forms the focus of the work I go on to do. Knowing less rather than more about your life seems to make for a cleaner reading. Simply tell me the barebones that you feel you need me to know. But otherwise, your questions, your concerns, the reason you are asking for the Soul Reading – this is most important.

I also need your date of birth and the name you were born with, as well as the name you go by now.

We will book a time to do the Reading and the process will then unfold as described above. Try to ensure that the whole day surrounding the Reading is one where you can be quiet and contemplative if possible – a day for your soul to receive healing and care.

£195 including the Soul Reading, transcript, prescription and follow-up session by skype or phone.

A non-refundable deposit of £65 is required at the time of booking your Soul Reading. The remainder is due 7 days before the appointment date and will not be refunded after this time.

Appointment times can be changed if necessary up until 7 days before the Soul Reading. After this time any changes will result in a subsequent admin charge of £35.

Cancellation after full payment is made will result in the loss of 50% of your payment. A cancellation made within 24 hours of the appointment will not be eligible for any refund.