A personal 3 hour mentoring session - by zoom or phone - for practitioners/coaches/therapists. In this gentle, focussed space, you have time and space to go deep into an aspect of your work that feels pressing, urgent or blocked for you. 

Practitioner Mentoring Intensive

Practitioner Mentoring Intensive 3 hours
  • This service is only available for the person who has purchased it, unless authorised to buy this service on an other person's behalf.

    Payment includes a deposit of £20 which secures your booking. This deposit is non-refundable.

    You will be contacted to set up an appointment time by Rachel within 1-3 working days.

    Please see Rachel's working hours at the bottom of the page: if you   need an appointment outside these hours, please contact us first to ensure this is possible.

    Full payment is due 7 days before your session.

    Your appointment can be changed up until 7 days before your appointment. After this time, there will be a £10 admin charge to change your appointment slot.

    If you wish to cancel your session completely, you can do so up until 7 days before your session. Any monies owed will be returned to you less your non-refundable deposit and any payment processing charges we have incurred.

    No cancellation refunds will be issued in the final 7 days before your appointment.

    If you book an appointment within one calendar month of your last session, you are entitled to the reduced rate for the session.

Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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