7 x one-to-one sessions over 6 months.


In the Essential Self Sessions, you will receive the space and guidance to connect with your innate, deep potency. This is something you are at all times; however, you may not currently understand how to access this, and you may be finding it difficult to get on in the world, to experience happines and love, and to fully thrive.


In these sessions, you will quickly begin to recognise the feel of your Essential Self - wise, responsive, vibrant and confident - and start to see how and where you block your potency. You will understand and strengthen your innate capacity to move out of the blocked state and back into flow.


The work we do together will feel dynamic and affirming. You will be constantly guided back to your connection to your deep Self, and the living feel of this connection, once recovered, will guide you forward into a very different experience of life. This will happen easily and naturally because it is already within you - you just need to remember how to hear, heed and follow it.


As the weeks go on, you will find yourself in an increasingly dynamic relationship with this understanding and you will find yourself moving out of limitation into abundance and ease.


During this six month period, you will also have the support of essences for catalysing deep potency should you wish to work with them.


Each session takes place monthly and you have one additional 'free' session that you can take advantage of at any point during the 6 month period if you feel the need for extra support.


If you would like to speak to me about the Essential Self Sessions, please do get in touch. You can connect with me easily and quickly via the Contacts Page.


If you prefer to pay a deposit, followed by 2 instalments, I am happy to set this up for you.

Essential Self Sessions - 7 sessions over 6 months

Essential Self Sessions

    Contact: by email

    Contact: by email

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