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Three Principles Facilitator Training

A six month online training in


'It's what you are that heals, not what you know.'


Carl Jung



Whether we are working with a person's emotional, physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing - 

whether we are coaches or counsellors, homeopaths or reiki masters, masseurs or kinesiologists, osteopaths or wellbeing guides -

we are not trying to do the healing for our clients.

We cannot live their journey or their evolution for them. 


Our role is to hold a space of quiet and deep presence in which this unique person's wisdom can be heard, their innate wholeness seen and their inner journey to health be supported.


The Three Principles Understanding

The ‘Three Principles’ refers to the life work of Sydney Banks who came to a unique understanding of how all experience is created. 

This understanding has profound implications. It is changing the nature of therapy around the globe, and empowering clients to reconnect with their innate ability to heal. 

Therapists and coaches are finding that they are no longer needing to work hard to ‘fix’ their clients, deliver the ‘technique’ or ‘remedy’, or become the source of inspiration and answers their clients seek. Instead, they are helping their clients to rediscover and reconnect with the well of being within themselves and within all life. People from all walks of life, when introduced to the Three Principles, have found that they can spontaneously let go of lifelong addictions, heal in mind and body, transform their relationships, and/or turn their lives around from one of suffering to one of peace.

​​The old paradigm of focusing on what is wrong with a person is gently and powerfully giving way to a focus on what is right with them. In a similar way, the old paradigm of learning focuses on external validation and affirmation of your worth. In this training, we help you deepen your connection to the wellspring of wisdom within you. 

The knowledge you need to do this work is already within you. 


This Three Principles Practitioner Training is a six-month in-depth exploration of the practicalities of working with the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought in the therapeutic setting.

The training has three key aims:

1.  To help deepen your understanding of the Three Principles, especially as this pertains to the health and wellbeing of your clients and yourself
2.  To help you become increasingly confident and sure-footed in sharing this understanding with your clients

3.  To offer you space for practical experience, exploration and reflection around key practitioner skills

The Practising With Presence Training Includes:


  • 12 x 3 hour teaching sessions online consisting of seminars and group work - 2 per month

  • 4 x 90 minute Q&A special guest calls

  • 4 x 1 hour personal mentoring session with a member of the team

  • Peer mentoring - practising and reflecting on healing conversation skills with each other

  • Private online community space to interact, share and ask questions

  • Access to recordings of teaching days during the training and for 1 year after


“Wellbeing evokes wellbeing. 

When we come from this, our clients come back to this.”

Ian Watson

Why This Training?

Over many years of training and mentoring practitioners, therapists and coaches, we have seen that the Three Principles provides the missing piece in a practitioner's understanding of how to support a person's health and wellbeing. 

There are various Three Principles trainings aimed at those who are working in the coaching profession or the business world. Our background is in holistic health, and we want to encourage the spread of this understanding throughout the health practitioner community. As a result, we have created a unique programme that is dedicated to exploring the profound healing implications of the Principles. 

The Three Principles understanding can help with the following:

  • It prevents practitioner burnout

  • It enables practicing without stress, and with enjoyment and flow

  • It resolves struggles with ‘impostor syndrome’ 

  • It brings greater ease to 'sticky' areas such as marketing, charging fees and boundaries 

  • It helps you settle down and come from your own wellbeing so that you are able to be see beyond the concept of ‘difficult clients’ 

  • It helps you to connect and orientate with core values around healing and wholeness

  • It brings together the mind, body, emotions and spirit in one unified and inclusive conversation.


“There is no greater privilege than to hold space for another person as they seek to come back to their wellbeing. At some point on the journey, a moment comes when the wholeness you see in them suddenly becomes visible to them as well.

A light comes back to their eyes. 

At this point, everything changes.”

Rachel Singleton


RACHEL SINGLETON: Rachel has been working in the areas of intuitive healing and health consciousness since 1996. As the founder of LightBringer Essences, she has been immersed in flower spirit medicine for over 20 years. Through the teachings of the plants and the understanding of the Three Principles, Rachel has come to see how insight, awareness and presence are vital in transformational healing. She is the author of Wild and Sacred Medicine, has trained and mentored practitioners in the UK and abroad, and has helped hundreds of clients.

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IAN WATSON: Ian has worked in the field of natural healing and personal transformation since 1988. He founded The Lakeland College in 1993 and helped to train thousands of homeopathic practitioners around the world. He has written & published four books, delivered hundreds of seminars & retreats, and spent many years specialising in emotional & psychological health. Ian’s work has been grounded in the Three Principles understanding since 2011, and he has trained many groups from beginners through to advanced practitioner level.

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