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The Practitioner Space

As health practitioners, we wish to offer high quality, professional support for others.

However,  many practitioners often lack this support for themselves.


Having a space where you can listen into, reflect on and deepen your understanding of the holistic healing work you offer has a transformative effect on how you experience your work and the results your clients experience for themselves. Your skill and confidence increase exponentially, and your practice flourishes as a natural reflection of your inner growth.


Ian Watson and Rachel Singleton joined forces to offer such a space during the summer of 2020, and it has been our privilege to work with two practitioner groups during the past six months. During this time, we have witnessed practitioners letting go of what seemed to be burdening them or holding them back, deepening their trust in their own inner wisdom and finding their way back to a place of ease and enjoyment. We have heard many beautiful stories of how this has impacted positively on their work with clients and in their own personal lives.

“This programme was much deeper than I expected or thought I was ready for. Thank you Ian and Rachel for your support."

Novi Kusuma

You will find yourself deeply immersed in your innate wisdom, the stillness of presence and the clarity of quiet contemplation. This will be a nurturing space for you personally, and also enable you to deepen into that very quality of healing presence and connection you wish to have in your work with clients.

In the Practitioner Mentoring Space sessions, we will explore some of the typical challenges that arise during our work; however, our full attention will take us upstream of these and any other so-called ‘issues'. We are going to be working with what is right with you and all that you offer, rather than what you might think is wrong with you and your practice.


We are both trained in the Three Principles understanding, which has had a profound impact on our work as practitioners and educators. Throughout the programme, we will be sharing with you what we have found to be most helpful to us in our daily work.


Each month, we have a theme for the session. These are as follows:

Session 1: Quiet Presence/Practising without Pressure                

Session 2: Uncovering Innate Wellbeing        

Session 3: Listening beyond Words

Session 4: What is Transformation?

Session 5: Deepening Trust/Navigating Inner Wisdom

'I have learnt that I can trust and honour my experiences and feelings, and express them to others. In expressing them, I 'see' more clearly, and they become a stepping stone for new learning and experience. A flow of development.'

Shiela Heaton-Ross

'From today, I can be of service to anyone and everyone who has a pulse and has breath in their bodies.'

Ann McCluskey:



It has been our experience that even the most competent practitioners can enhance their work with clients by becoming more deeply grounded and at ease within themselves. Through having a dynamic, professional space in which to reflect and deepen, we rediscover joy and passion for our work and gain clarity about what it is we have to offer that is a true expression of our own unique gifts.


The Practitioner Mentoring Space is a space for you to step into with curiosity, opening to the potential for deep shifts in your work.


There is so much to being a practitioner.


These meetings offer space for you to find your way with key aspects of this, to explore your own responses and experiences, and to listen to the insights and reflections of other like-minded professionals. Confidential, gentle and thoughtful, the Practitioner Mentoring Space offers time for  you to refresh and recollect yourself each month.


Sitting in dynamic presence together, insights come,

awareness deepens and answers emerge.

'A nurturing space where I could take time out to reflect in a very deep way, while feeling supporting within the group dynamic. I also loved listening to the wisdom shared by Ian and Rachel through their reflections. . . The programme has allowed me to take my understanding of presence to an even deeper level and I've enjoyed the opportunity to explore all aspects of what this means in practice and in my daily life.'

Sharon Lock -


About Rachel Singleton
Rachel has been working in the areas of intuitive healing and health consciousness since 1996. As the founder of LightBringer Essences, she has been deeply immersed in plant spirit medicine for over 20 years. Through the teachings of the plants and her work with clients, Rachel has come to see how insight, awareness and presence are vital in transformational healing.

She is the author of Wild and Sacred Medicine, has trained and mentored practitioners in the UK and abroad, and has helped hundreds of clients over the years. In recent times, an understanding of the ‘Three Principles’ - the work of Sydney Banks - has deepened her work further showing her that all experiences are, at their core, spiritual. 

About Ian Watson
Ian has worked in the field of natural healing and personal transformation since 1988. He founded The Lakeland College in 1993 and has helped to train thousands of homeopathic practitioners around the world.

He has written & published four homeopathic books, delivered hundreds of seminars & retreats, and spent many years specialising in emotional & psychological health.

Since 2011, Ian’s work has been transformed by an understanding of the principles of innate wellbeing discovered by the late Sydney Banks. He is now finding ways to combine this understanding with his work in the healing arts.

'The pace is just right . . . I've learned to relax and wait, and my priorities have changed!'

Ilona Perham



Places are limited - if you wish to join us, please book early to secure your place



March 16th
April 13th
May 11th
June 8th
July 6th

The sessions run from 2-5pm UK time with a 20 minute break in the middle. 

If you cannot make these dates and would like to be notified of any future programmes - please email Rachel to express your interest and we will keep you posted.


Five x monthly group sessions (each session is 3 hours, with a 20 minute break)

Included in the cost is also one individual session with either Ian or Rachel of one hour’s duration for personal mentoring. You can choose to have this session at any time during the 5 months that the group is in progress.


All sessions will take place on Zoom. You will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with microphone and camera, and will receive a link from us that will take you directly into the meeting space each month.


It is always difficult to get a time to suit everyone. As the sessions are only once a month, and will be recorded for the benefit of participants, we hope that you will be able to work around these times if you are interested in having a place in the group. However, if you wish to be involved and really cannot make these dates, do speak to one of us so that we can see if we can still help you.

COST: £450


Full payment in advance will secure your place. Alternatively, you can pay in 2 instalments of £225. Payment by either method includes a non-refundable deposit of £80 to secure your place. 

Should you decide to withdraw your application up to 14 days before the start of the course, a full refund of monies paid, less the non-refundable deposit, will be offered. After this date, no refunds will be available but you may be able to transfer your payment to another course with us in the future.

If we are unable to run this group for any reason, due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel and all monies will be returned in full.

If you are able to pay using BACS bank transfer, we prefer this method as it saves on the processing fees - please email Rachel to request the bank details. Alternatively, you can book & pay using Paypal or a credit/debit card via the button below.


Rachel Singleton:

Email Rachel

Tel: +44-15394 37427

Ian Watson:

Email Ian

Tel: +44-208 819 1494

Through the Practitioner Mentoring Space I am 'moving towards the path of ease, quiet presence and the healing power of stillness . . . [knowing] the consultation is enough.. . . Feeling a lightness, ease and joy coming into my practise that I feel nourished and energised by.'

Adi Howarth: