What in you Creates?

The ability to create is written into your very nature.

It is not something that some people have and others do not. It is not even something that you can only access now and then. You are in constant co-creative relationship with Life. As a living, responsive and aware being, in a deeply sentient universe, you cannot not create.

seeds of inspiration

Many times a day, seeds of inspiration come to us, seeking fertile ground on which to land, bed in and put down roots: ideas, insights, realisations, visions and dreams. Often, we dismiss these potent seeds. We do not recognise their worth. We throw them out before they have even had chance to land. We doubt and naysay our way away from them before they have had time to show us their dreams and their becoming.

Every acorn contains a potential oak tree. What are the oaks that seek to take root and grow through you at this time? Do you recognise them when they come? Do you accept and tend them, giving them room to grow?

I was discussing this topic with a friend recently, and she observed that there have been many times in her life when she had been graced with a beautiful insight about life or a rich creative idea. On first arriving, it would invariably feel radiant and new; the thought of it would fill her with excitement. However, for some strange reason, before she did anything else with these jewels of possibility, she would first google her idea to see if anyone else had already ‘done’ it.

Inevitably, she would discover that Ram Dass or the Dalai Lama had already written and taught that insight, some famous artist had already created that vision, someone else had already written that book. At this point, it was as if all the fire and energy that her idea had come in with would fizzle out, and she would be left feeling that there was no point in going any further.

She has since learnt not to do this.

what if you went ahead anyway?

We both laughed! There are so many ways in which we can innocently dislodge and disrupt those fragile seeds. We find ourselves negating them - or ourselves - before they have chance to go anywhere.

But here’s the thing: Ram Dass is not (forgive the pun) ‘here now’ in this new and fertile rendition of an eternal theme that is currently gracing my friend’s consciousness. What is alighting in her is pristine, fresh and brilliant. It is new all over again, ready to be divulged and disseminated in a new way, and only she can do that.

Who knows who or what she might touch that no one else has touched? Who knows what may grow through her?

what the Universe sows it grows

Every creative idea we have comes from the Universe and it will be guided by the Universe - if we allow this to happen. This new seed, this acorn, has an energy that is greater than the little ‘me’ it lands in. It isn't down to us to do everything.

This package of inspiration, intelligence and life comes from beyond us, and it has the potential to move out far ahead of us. Our role is simply to come into agreement with it, to look for and heed its expression within us, to do the next thing that we are prompted to do . . to allow ourselves to be moved and placed. . .

This is so reassuring to know, especially when we are feeling stuck or daunted by a project. The idea, the seed, is born of Universal Energy; it knows what to do. Let it come, and let it become.

As we follow these seeds, as we let them move and grow in us, we also move and grow. We have the potential to express unknown parts of ourself and collaborate with the world in unknown ways.

When you follow the mystery of your creative impetus, what wonders may take root in you, and in the world, as a result?

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