Shock Waves: Re-balancing your energy after trauma

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The times we are living through are fast-paced, demanding and impactful and whilst this undoubtedly brings challenges, it also brings gifts. Have you noticed that circumstances are shifting more rapidly, energy is responding to energy with greater alacrity and dynamism, and we are feeling the affects of our intentions and actions much sooner? It is as if the very air between all beings has become more permeable. People in general are more intuitive, quicker to notice inauthenticity in themselves and others, more attuned to their instinctual knowing, and more likely to act from their inner authority. In every area of life, you can feel the vibrational pull as humanity begins to lift out of lower levels of consciousness. It is happening!

However, as this happens, there is great flux: we are experiencing a huge amount of fall-out as old lower vibrational patterns of energy clash with new degrees of sensitivity, awareness and refinement. There is profound unrest in humanity and in Nature, and we can sense the impact of this within ourselves. Navigating this can be intensely difficult and painful at times - you can feel disorientated, overwhelmed and unprepared. But at other times, it can feel exciting, even joyful. One of the ways in which we can stay centred and responsive is through ongoing care and repair. We are constantly experiencing shockwaves through our personal energy-fields, on a small and larger scale, as these ongoing changes occur in the universal energy-field. Our entire auric-field is connected into this. As the old and new energies clash within us, our expectations are challenged and our fears released. At times, it is like being at the centre of a whirlwind.

Just as an athlete challenges themselves in order to go further and faster, following this with periods of rest and repair to enable the muscles of the body to strengthen and the changes to take hold, so are we being challenged energetically. We are being pushed, like the athlete, to let go of less efficient levels of consciousness.

The reality is: everyone's energetic frequency is rising. We have no choice about this; we cannot simply opt out.

As this happens though, we need to also ensure that we repair and heal. We have to create the space, the time and the tools that will help us with this.

I want to explore with you the way in which I recommend using essences for ongoing repair and renewal. Here, we are using essences to treat trauma as soon as we can following the distress. We are doing this in order to better cushion ourselves from the shock, disperse the ripples that would spread into other areas of our life, and shorten its duration. We also want to prevent any backlog of unresolved and unassimilated emotions. And we are consciously bringing in light, comfort and healing, in times of darkness and confusion.


I love the way we can turn to the gentleness of flowers in the face of something distressing and, within moments of imbibing their quiet energy, feel peace returning to us. The build-up of fear begins to ease, our mind becomes quieter and more spacious, that steadfast inner knowing we all have within can be heard again, and the anxious child-self gives back control to the mature adult-self. This is truly a gift that is unique to essences - and one of the reasons I will never be without them in my own life.


During the intensity of an initial shock, I recommend taking essences every few minutes, either directly from the bottle or as drops in water which you sip regularly. At this point the reactive, frightened self is taking over. This means the higher self can get drowned out by a flood of stress hormones, an elevated heart rate, and the frantic reaching for answers that the mind engages in. An inner space of peace is needed in order for that quiet, wise, all-knowing self to be heard.

Taking essences frequently at this point is like taking in Light on a drip. You combat the negative, lower energies of fear with higher energies of trust and love.

In the hours ahead, depending on the intensity of the trauma, essences can be taken every 15/30/60 minutes until you once again feel in control. Once you do feel more like yourself, I recommend beginning to move away from acute essences and look at those which will support you at a more personal level - essences which speak to the specific part of you that has been triggered. For at this point, what you are facing is an opportunity to work with something very old and very deep.

When we get triggered by something external, we are essentially experiencing a new situation sparking the embers of an old fear. This is the prime time to work with this fear. Essences allow you to tend this wounded part of yourself effectively, precisely and gently.

COTTON GRASS - Spiritual First Aid

Cotton Grass Essence is the first aid essence for the spirit. It speaks to that part of us that instinctively wishes to ‘wrap a person in cotton wool’ when they are vulnerable and scared. Cotton Grass surrounds your auric-field with a field of pure white light, imparting both protection and seclusion at the time when you need to go within in order to deal with something big. It calls in light, infuses your energy-field with angelic healing and gives you the private, quiet space to assimilate what is happening.

I use it often with people for times of spiritual emergence where extra protection and a sense of sanctuary is needed. Being so gentle, so comforting, and so tender, it feels deeply friendly. It also leads us into an energetic space that is light-filled, which in turn makes it easier for us to access a higher frequency of energy at those times when the lower energies of fear are stalking us.

WATER MINT - Trusting

The universal physical reaction that any human being has under stress, is tension: specifically, muscular tension. We contract our muscles before we even realise we are doing it, instinctively readying ourselves for action should the occasion arise. Unfortunately, many of us mobilise our muscles in this way most of the time and releasing this tension can be difficult. Both in the moment of stress or shock, and in the days after, I use Water Mint to help ease out the contractive, fearful response in the body - and aura - and restore physical ease.

Water Mint - recovering ease

For physical ease, relaxation and letting go to happen, there is a much deeper internal shift that has to occur: we must leave behind the compulsion to engage with our fear, instead turning round and walking back towards trust. We have to remember that our fears are a story the mind creates and that, in believing and following that mental story - compelling though it is - we disassociate from the reality of the moment. Panic and distress overwhelm us as we picture endless traumatic scenarios: our mind leads us down blind alleys. At such times, recollecting that our thoughts are not the deeper reality here, causes a profound shift. The moment we decide to let go of fear and begin to trust instead is the moment we restore our connection to that which is true and benevolent. Water Mint’s gentle, trusting energy faciliates this, acting as a conduit back to trust whenever we are held in the grip of our tension and fears.

LADY’S SLIPPER ORCHID - Healing Vitality

Our life-force (what homeopaths also refer to us as our ‘vital force’) is the essential energy of life within us. Whenever we utilise natural therapies, we are working with this force to amplify our connection with our innate aliveness - and thus our capacity to heal.

Lady's Slipper Orchid - healing vitality

Lady’s Slipper Orchid is the key LightBringer essence for sensing and working with this connection. Our inner vitality; the energy available to us; our buoyancy, resilience and health; our ability to connect with and feel the aliveness of Life as a whole - all of these are tangible ways in which we experience our own life-force. Why do we need this essence in times of shock? It enables us to sense how best to work with our own healing vitality. From here, we can connect with actions, thoughts and ways of being that are most healthful for us in a given moment - crucial when we are in distress.

At first, with this essence we become more conscious of the scintillating feel of our inner healing capacity. We are, all of us, part of the greening energy that infuses Nature, clothing the land in colour and vibrancy. We have this same thrumming fecundity within our own energy-field, within our cells, within our very soul, and the more we are conscious of this, the more we can access it. In times of shock, to restore this connection is vitally important. This is the time we most need to feel our mystical - and also deeply physical - connection with all Life, so that we can draw on this endless supply of energy to supplement our own.


This gentle essence reminds us of the need to release our defences and sit at the soft heart of our vulnerability when life is at is harshest. In times of stress, shock and trauma, we need to make room for care and support. This support is threefold: the patience and compassion we can offer ourselves when things ‘go wrong’; the love and help that others will offer or we can ask for; and the all-encompassing support of the Universe as it responds to our energetic needs.

It is a universal truth that the more defended we are, the less likely it is that support will come our way. We broadcast an energy that is hostile - we come across as tough and prickly - and softer, loving energies are repelled by this. (We have all experienced how much easier it is to offer help to someone who is gentle in their distress, rather than angry and volatile.) Hare’s Foot Clover supports a particular type of courage - the courage to accept one’s own vulnerability in times of distress. Softly, tenderly, we meet our wounds with love. We trust that the world has our back and that help is on its way. Meanwhile, our only job is to be present to What Is, accepting and honouring it, surrendered and loving.


Any and all essences can help us recover after trauma. They all tend to our sense of grounding and inner alignment. Some essences offer a particular quality though that is unique to the patterns of distress we can go on to hold in our body - it is this we need to dissolve so that we do not stay stuck here. For the acute, you may consider exploring Light Support and Healer's Light - two of the essence combinations which are particularly useful when we need to quickly recover our centre.

Above all, we can take from essences a particular teaching: we do not have to stay stuck in pain or distress. Suffering is not the only response available to us, even when things are hard and challenging. The more I listen in to the wisdom of the flowers, the more I am aware of how much choice we have when we meet life with trust and curiosity. Yes, we must acknowledge and tend our pain, our distress. But we do not need to stay there . . .


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