Loving Your Body

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Understanding its messages and needs

Within the very core of your body you reside: you in your essential essence, who you are. Your body is the vessel in which this precious and numinous aliveness is housed. This is the earthly home for your unique and wondrous spirit. Through the adaptive mechanics of your body, you are able to walk, talk, act, sleep, love and think - and live out your days on this earth.

There is something miraculous about this soft cellular body we reside in. It is worthy of our pause and our appreciation.

I want to offer you a space to stop here for a while and tenderly ease yourself into the full wonder of your physicality. Take a moment to release your busy self and settle as you follow these words, breathing gently as you slip more deeply into your skin, your bones, your organs and limbs. Let yourself sense all these parts of you. Let the feeling be one of pure sensing, without commentary or judgement running alongside it.

With complete acceptance, notice the parts of your body that are knotted and tight, where muscles may be habitually bunched. Notice as well those areas that feel strong and at ease. Let the contrast between these areas dissolve so that your muscles untangle a little and strength flows into weak areas. Allow your attention to go inwards to your life-force. Connect to the age you truly feel inside - so many of us feel younger in our hearts and minds than our age in years. Allow the vitality of that young-at-heart self to flood through you. Feel deep within to your very cells - gilded with light and energy - sensing how they are constantly mending, repairing, growing and dissolving. Become aware of yourself as a Being of light and purpose.

Your body is in direct communication with you at all times.

This communication comes in many ways - overt and subliminal. You experience emotions, changes in temperature, discomfort or ease, sensations in your stomach, head, bowels or chest, physical pain or symptoms. You have dreams, visions, insights and intuitions flashing into your awareness. You have multi-sensory information available to you at all times. You inhabit a living system that is utterly responsive and attuned to the environmental and energetic world of which it is part.

And yet, for so many, the relationship with the body is often negative, messy and uncomfortable. Urges, demands, symptoms and surges of emotions seem to accost us. The body won’t hold the correct shape, stay the desirable age, or look the right way! We find it more of a burden than a joy. It won’t do what it is meant to do and so we end up patching it up, holding it in, painting, appeasing and manipulating it to try and get it to be more acceptable. We drug it, neglect it, lounge around in it, suppress its messages, and then beat it into submission by suddenly engaging in violent exercise in order to get it ‘in shape’. It is amazing we still have a body to call our own!

A Different Relationship: Feeling from Within

There is another way: Your sensing self, housed deep in the core of your body, is indiscernible from your physical self. You are the aliveness you feel.

And feeling that aliveness - the living grace of movement and responsiveness your body accords you - is key to your wellbeing.

When we are shut off from our body, we are shut down. It is like an orchestra trying to play without the conductor being present or a business trying to keep going without its director; the person is missing who would have their finger on the pulse, who would see the tiny details but stay aware of the overall picture. The business or orchestra will keep going to some degree - it knows the notes or tasks it is supposed to perform. However, it lacks the overall cohesion of that aware presence, sitting at the centre, connecting everything back to meaning and purpose. This organising force is our living awareness in the moment: the fully present Self centred within the body.

Here, a gentle force of penetrating awareness connects you to your body in a new way: as light, energy- in-motion, aliveness, possibility. Rather than escaping your body, you can develop a relationship with it that involves listening deeply, feeling for its call to wellness, acting on the wisdom you gather.

Nothing is written in stone - or indeed in flesh, bone or medical diagnosis. Genes and upbringing might give you certain advantages or disadvantages but the way in which you nurture and inhabit your body in the living moment overrules that every time.

You can change your physical experience in a moment with the level and quality of acceptance, trust and presence you bring to bear.

How do Essences Activate this Inner Awareness?

A plant in bloom is the flourishing embodiment of an idea, a seed, an essence into form. The plant begins as such a tiny thing then reaches, stretches, grows and fills until its physical form is steady and strong enough for it to blossom. We are no different. We grow through our physical form. We reach within, seeking to manifest the mystical knowing of what we might become. We blossom through being who we are.

There are many essences that call us back into a more authentic and grounded relationship with our Self:

Moonwort and Green-Winged Orchid

Moonwort essence help us attune to our subconscious and unconscious knowing as it communicates to us through our body in symptoms, patterns, dreams, synchronicities, and knowing. We begin to understand the imaginal conversation of our inner self and its symbolic language. Moonwort is the essence for understanding why we have certain symptoms, what our dreams are telling us, what the deep symbolism of our current life is communicating to us. It offers a doorway into that which is just below our conscious awareness so that we begin to grasp and work with the movement of energy flowing through us.

With Green-Winged Orchid we ‘become the pendulum’, aware of how acutely responsive our multi-sensory self is to the world around us; able to accurately discern and decipher the information we find there. With this essence, we are called to use our senses, fully immersed in the energy of Now. I use this wild orchid essence when I see a person who wishes to strengthen their intuition or who has lost confidence in it. They may have shut their body down, unconsciously preventing the universal energy-field from coming in to communicate its resonant gifts of information, light and healing.

Water Mint and Pink Purslane

With these two essences, we are dissolving into the body’s physicality, surrendering fear and resistance, coming home.

Water Mint (see image at start of blog post) is helps us to inhabit our body from a place of deep Spiritual trust. This is the essence for physically letting go, for releasing tension from the muscles. Relaxation and trust go hand-in-hand. The recovery of deep ease is essential to our happiness and wellbeing. What is it like to trust enough to let go? At what times, in what places, with whom can we do this? Can we create that state for ourselves? Can we nurture deep trust and surrender? Can we imagine the arms of Spirit holding us? Can we claim time each day in which to utterly relinquish ourselves to this, shedding all burdens, letting the mystery of what is and what will be take over? Can we not? Water Mint speaks to this deep state of trust.

Pink Purslane stirs and awakens our sensual self. We are feeling creatures. Sensations of touch, texture, light, colour, scent and taste are a constant - so prevalent we actually ignore them most of the time.

Yet, it is both delightful and necessary to re-awaken this aspect of our physicality. The energy of this essence is playful, quick, light, spontaneous, intimate. It re-awakens our senses to the touch of sun and wind on skin, physical contact with another human, inner aliveness and sensuality. We become attuned and present to this delicate conversation: the movement of life and energy within us at all times responding to life itself . We began to relax into, and enjoy, its stimulus.

Coming Back to our Physical Self

So we have here four special essences, each with their own gift: Moonwort helps us read the subliminal messages of our body, understanding the symptoms and signs ‘written’ there. Green-Winged Orchid supports us in ‘becoming the pendulum’, insightful and intuitive, aware of how much information we pick up through our body. Water Mint reminds us to deeply trust and deeply relax. Pink Purslane rekindles a scintillating awareness of our sensual nature. There is much that we can do to care for our body. Wondrous as it is, it nevertheless needs our awareness and our nurturing support.

There is nothing more lovely than resting in a body that is nourished, well and at ease.

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