How Essences can Support in these Times: PART 1

In the past weeks, the way we live our life has changed for many of us. Our days have become more inward at the same time that the news 'outside' becomes seemingly more threatening. This alone brings its own challenges. But there are others: physical separation from each other; the threat of some unseen, unknown virus that may strike at the heart of our health and our family at any moment; the loss of work; new, strict and often confusing social rules; concerns over shortages of supplies - real or imagined; and so much more, are all things that are affecting our daily reality. And each and any of these can lead us into fear - at some level, at some time.

Soul Full Combination

As I have been working with clients, and talking with friends, family and neighbours over this past fortnight, some key areas of personal difficulty have emerged. I want to address a few of these here, offering insights on the the essences that are helping with these.

However, before I do, let us put this in context. It seems to me more important than ever that we take care of our health - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually - at this time. This is our garden to tend. We can affect our own wellbeing in myriad dynamic ways, and it would be easy to forget this, thinking we are powerless in these times. The simplest things that are truly just common sense to do are the best: resting our minds and our bodies when we can and need to; eating healthy foods and not over-eating; keeping gently moving throughout the day with some more vigorous exercise when possible; avoiding instigating or joining in with conversations that are sensationalist and fearful; refraining from moral policing of others or being antagonistic; and giving support to others, whether out and about in the community in volunteer schemes, or over the phone with those we know are isolated and afraid. We can use natural remedies - essential oils for the respiratory system, homeopathy for prevention and treatment during a pandemic, superfoods to strengthen our immunity, and herbs to protect our organs and body systems. There is a great deal of good information on the internet already on all of these topics that has been made available in direct response to our current needs. And, of course, we can give ourselves the gift of essences.

There is so much, then, that we can be doing that is positive, effective and directly health-affirming. As we tend ourselves in natural, healthy ways, putting into place the very best of our knowledge and experience, we build a natural resilience within ourselves - and we create a microcosm of love and wellbeing that ripples out to others. This is an area that it is worth focusing on, and it is something we can help others with when they are struggling.


Blackthorn Essence

I have felt more grateful than ever for the gift of flower essences in my life these past few weeks. Pure and graceful, they simply feel good to be around. Each flower I connect with, or take, is a reminder of all that is benevolent, exquisite and beautiful. For me personally, they bring me back to that sense of Nature doing its own perfect thing, innately reassuring and normal. They are a reminder of the balance and order inherent in Life, and of the natural cycles of birth, becoming, flourishing and waning that are part of that order. I find that I simply want to be with them, I want to hang out in their presence - outside in the garden as plants, inside with the essence bottles and cards. I want to stay calibrated to them because they feel part of a deeper reality that is beyond our current human situation, and that remains true and constant whatever chaos and misfortune may be happening.


There are several key areas where I am finding essences are needed. Without further ado, let's get into these. In this article, I will cover the first two and come to the others next week in another blog post. I encourage you to ask questions and reach out to contact me (see end of article for details) if you need more information on any of these.

  1. To help with any feelings of shock, trauma, turbulence and overwhelm

  2. To help when facing fear, hostility or antagonism from others

  3. To help with staying grounded and centred, or recovering this when temporarily lost

  4. For tending our hearts when we feel isolated, hurt, alone, forgotten, separate or cut off

  5. To help connect us to our innate vitality, health and wellbeing


Essences: Light Support Combination, Cotton Grass and Soul Full Combination

We can be impacted by a general sense of trauma and turbulence in the world at large, by feelings of trauma in someone we are close to, or by a sudden upsurge of this within ourselves when we hear/witness/experience something shocking. Just watching or reading the news a couple of times a day is triggering trauma in many.

We want to be treating this inner trauma and turbulence as it arises - in ourselves and our loved ones - so that it neither takes hold or escalates. We are all much more likely to be triggered by this now than normally, so treating this is fundamental 'energetic first-aid' at this time. In and of itself, a feeling of shock or trauma can be contagious, but it is something we can gently dissolve and resolve very rapidly.

Light Support Combination is the primary essence that I would recommend here. It keeps us strongly aligned through our central axis - rooted to the earth beneath, and aligned and uplifted by our connection to the heavens above. We stand tall and light, centred and aligned. We stay true to our inner clarity and wisdom. We can take this as drops internally, (pop some in the kettle as well so that everyone in the household benefits) and we can use Light Support Mist in our environment (home, work or car) to quickly disperses any negativity within us or around us. During intense emotions, put 5 drops in water and sip eery 10 minutes. Spray around the room also. For general grounding and clarity, take morning, noon and night until you feel like yourself again. Repeat whenever needed. You can use this same protocol with any of the essences that follow.

Cotton Grass is part of Light Support, but it deserves a special mention. This essence wraps our energy-field in a white, soft cottony light that offers us protection and space when we are assimilating something difficult. It is the essence for spiritual emergency: for times when we are struggling to emerge spiritually and come fully into presence in the face of a particular challenge.

Soul Full Combination is indicated when someone feels emotional, vulnerable and overwhelmed. This combination helps you to keep strongly grounded and integrated in your soul. Shamans speak of 'soul loss' when pieces of the soul become dislodged and leave during times of severe trauma. This essence combination helps to keep body and soul together, held in close communion and sacred relationship. It feels gentle, tender and reassuring. One client calls it her 'put me back together' essence.


Essences: Blackthorn, Personal Space Combination, Silk Tree

Blackthorn is a new essence to the range. It is for repelling deeply negative energies that appear to have infiltrated us from someone or something outside. We will feel tainted or invaded. Or we will feel as if something has lodged in us that is not ours. It will seem like something dark and negative has penetrated our auric field and weakened us, and we may be struggling to recover our equilibrium. We can use it whenever we are on the receiving end of someone lashing out in ways that feel antagonistic, edgy or unpleasant. And we can also take it preventatively when we are going out if we are afraid of getting infected - emotionally or physically.

The gift of this essence is that it works on two levels: it cleanses the body-being of such energies, and repels any from coming in, thereby acting in a way that is purifying and protective. But its true worth goes deeper still: it reminds us that there is no 'other' to attack or harm us: we are all One. It restores a sense of wholeness that frees us from the perception of being attacked by an outside force. Even the person who appears to be being hostile or aggressive or who is spreading fear, is actually just in fear. They are not attacking as such; from where they are standing, they are actually defending themselves.

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Personal Space Combination, especially as the Personal Space Mist, is for creating a space that feels loving, safe and with clear boundaries. This is an inner and outer space of personal sanctuary. Misting this around our auric field, we strengthen our own energetic and bodily space. Misting this around our home and garden, office or vehicle, we create the energetic atmosphere for peace and calm to prevail around us.

This combination acts to reset our energy field so that we are closed to business as far as abusive or aggressive energies are concerned. Again, like Blackthorn, it helps us repel lower energy frequencies. As we ourselves emit frequencies of love and support, so too do we naturally attract them.

Silk Tree Egyptian Essence is for repelling the sting of hurt from our hearts. Our loved ones, our friends, our neighbours and our colleagues - even complete strangers - may well lash out at us at some point in the next few weeks when they are experiencing their moment of stress or overwhelm. We do not have to take this personally, and Silk Tree is beautiful in the way it helps with this: it is a most profound essence for dispersing pain from the heart before it has had time to take hold and settle there.

If hurt has already taken hold, and you are struggling to recover from this and move on, you can combine it with Bluebell and Egyptian Pink Frangipani to heal the hurt and open your heart to receiving love again.


I am currently offering a free phone-in on Mondays between 4-6pm (BST) where you can phone me with any question relating to essences or general wellbeing. There is no pressure to buy anything or to have any treatment. This is simply space for you to reach out to ask, reflect, share or have someone hold space and listen if you are in pain. I will try to speak to as many people as possible in this time so please aim to keep this to 10 mins.

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If you need further/deeper support at this time, I have reduced my consultation prices for the next 12 weeks:

£35 - 45 minute session, no essences (for anyone, anywhere in the world)

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Do let me know if you have found this blog post useful. I will be releasing Part Two next week.


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Contact: by email

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