Energy Advertising: What is it and how are you already doing it?

We are energetic beings in an energetic universe. This much we already know - or at least we do at some level. We have all heard this enough times and can ‘get’ the concept intellectually. However, I wonder how many of us are living the truth of this, because the full implications of this understanding are truly transformative, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the realm of energy healing work.

In every moment of every day, as an energy being in an energy universe, we constantly transmit an energy frequency - whether we are conscious of it or not.

This transmission goes out into the universe, interacting with and broadcasting to all the other energies around us. This actually happens without us having to do anything about it and without us being able to stop it. . . .

However, what we have choice over is the quality of our transmission and it is this that is at the heart of Energy Advertising.

We are all Energy Transmitters

Our overall energy transmission goes 'up' and ‘down’ all the time, varying in frequency according to our mood: we will literally transmit a higher or lower frequency depending on how we are feeling in the moment. Another way to think of it is as colour: our auric field will be brighter at some times (associated with higher frequency energy states of love, peace, acceptance, congruity and gentleness) and darker at other times (associated with lower frequency energy states of confusion, negativity, insecurity and resentment). When we are at peace within ourselves and our world, the energy that emanates from us is balanced and flowing, richly coloured and bright. This energy is naturally attractive to others as it speaks to something very deep within: the oneness, flow and harmony at the heart of all Life. People naturally resonate with us when we are like this and they are drawn to us because it puts them back in touch with this in themselves, with their own flow and beauty. By contrast, when we are feeling frustrated, stressed and at odds with ourselves, we unwittingly transmit an energy that is edgy, unstable and disturbed. This can be repellant to others because it is out of harmony with the flow of our true nature, and people instinctively avoid this.

But what does this mean in practice? Surely we cannot just arbitrarily change how we are feeling or thinking? No, we cannot. This would be inauthentic and forced. And this is not what any true understanding of universal energy is pointing towards.

It is much more natural and beautiful than this.

As this happens though, we need to also ensure that we repair and heal. We have to create the space, the time and the tools that will help us with this.

Before I come to 'how' we can lift an energy state and transmit vibes that are more attractive and flowing, I first want to share with you something of my own journey.

The Neon Sign

A few years ago, I began to notice that my practice was very quiet some times and very busy at others. At first, I thought these fluctuations were just part of life. But they left a real hole in my income - and my self-esteem - when they happened. It seemed that my business was stumbling along but never really took off. I began to think that I maybe wasn't advertising enough or correctly, or that I wasn’t ‘manifesting’ properly. I got lured into reading books on attracting money and was hooked by courses that promised to solve all my marketing problems and guarantee my income stream. I tried doing more advertising, and I tried doing better advertising. I tried having social media accounts to connect with my colleagues and customers, and I tried sending out more newsletters, then less newsletters. I put my prices up then I put them down.

But none of these impacted the underlying pattern.

So, I started to look at what lay behind all this. I realised that during those times when business just fell away I tended to be physically unwell, or feeling very hurried, pressured and overwhelmed, or feeling at my most insecure about myself and my work. I was in a low energy state and I noticed that a quiet practice and a low energy state invariably went together. I also noticed that there was another side to the pattern.

As soon as I started to feel better within myself and have more energy, and reconnect with the beauty inherent in my life and work, my clients and customers would miraculously return.

I began to feel like I must have a neon sign above my head that I couldn’t see but others could. In those times when I was feeling down and uncertain, unwell, or unfocussed, that neon sign was saying to the world at large: CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. However, as soon as I regained my sense of self, and rediscovered my confidence and commitment, the neon sign would start flashing a single word: OPEN; and work returned.

Initially, I felt stumped by this realisation. After all, I couldn't help my emotions, could I? When life brought me challenge or distress, I couldn't help the worry, despair and suffering that accompanied it. Similarly, I couldn't help it if I had a chronic illness that sometimes wiped me out for days. Nor could I help the fact that I might get panicked about money to the point of being incapable of doing anything constructive.

But then the penny began to drop. Actually, I could help some of this. My work fluctuated not because of what I was doing, what was going on or what was showing up in my world. I know this because there were times when I sailed through profound difficulties and had no problem at all, and at other times, when nothing was ostensibly wrong, I nevertheless would feel stuck and frustrated in myself. It wasn’t about what I was doing or what was happening; it was about how I was being. What if, rather than focussing on external circumstances and problems, thinking that I needed to fix my life out there, I turned my attention inwards and became aware of the quality of my energy transmission in the living moment? What if I resided in this moment, in Grace, whatever it brought me? What if I trusted the unfolding wisdom and beauty of my life, exactly as is?

What if I let myself be an energy being in an energetic Universe, carried by the flow, responsive and aware?

Becoming Aware

The energetic reality we live within is one of constant motion and infinite possibility. We are a living part of this creative force, in communion with it at all times. Life is not something ‘out there’ happening to us; Life is in our very being, happening through us.

At any given moment, we cannot change what life has brought us, but we can look at how we are being with this and how we are responding.

For example, is it the best use of my consciousness to get defensive or feel rejected when someone ignores me? Maybe this is an habitual response that I find myself helplessly falling into, over and over again, because of something that happened when I was 5 and wasn’t my fault. And yet, something about this kind of thinking does not satisfy. Over the years, I find this kind of thinking leading me down a rabbit hole of helplessness, pain, anger, hurt and frustration, and I never seem to move on. Is this really my highest energetic response? Is this the response to which my wisdom points? Is this the only choice available to me in the living moment, unscripted and fluid as this living moment is?

Perhaps it is not. Perhaps there is a way of being here that is closer to Grace. Can I find it in myself to stay gentle even in the face of being ignored, put down or dismissed? Can I stay ‘grace-full’, listening into my inner wisdom? And, if so, what would be the effect of this throughout my energy-field?

What transmission would I broadcast if I let go of over-thinking? What would happen if, instead, I stayed present and open?

What has this got to do with Advertising?

Much of the time we think that advertising is about things that we need to do out there in the world. This can be a source of stress and pressure, especially for healing practitioners: most of us don’t feel comfortable having to ‘sell our wares’ in this way.

In actual fact, our living awareness of our state of being, in the here and now, is our true advertising tool. Being in Grace is our natural state. Simply noticing if our current way of responding to something - right now - is working out for us helps us to unhook from habitual low-energy responses (and transmissions). We can check in, hit the pause button and feel for a more congruent version of ourselves. What really feels good for us here? What feels true and wise?

Exploring this leads to new places and new possibilities. We begin to get an eye for what is - and isn’t - wisdom within us; or what is - and isn’t - a high energy transmission. We don’t have to do anything with that: our awareness does the work for us.

Next time you are feeling uncomfortable or down or stressed, or your work isn’t going right, consider these questions:

How I am inhabiting this living moment? How am I responding to this situation? Is there the potential for me to inhabit and live this moment differently?

You will quickly start to get a feel for when you are stepping away from Grace, and when you are moving towards Grace. And you will find that you - and your life - get infinitely better when you allow that Grace to fill and direct you.

The real advertising that we are doing all the time, consciously or unconsciously, is transmitting an energy frequency. The quality of this can be such that it is true to who we are - authentic, at ease and harmonious - or just a lot of noise. People will feel this. They will pick up on this. Placing our attention here, we get to focus on how we are being in the world and to deeply transform our world from the inside-out. You can still advertise, you can still go on Facebook and Instagram - if this feels right for you to do, but you will be doing it from a different place within: not out of pressure or because you have to, but because this is one of the ways in which you choose to broadcast truth and harmony through your world.

If you would like to know more about Energy Advertising, get in touch. I offer one-to-one mentoring in Energy Advertising for practitioners and other business owners. From early 2020, I will also be running an Online Mentoring Group for therapists and practitioners in which we will look at this and other topics.


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