Big Energy, Big Changes

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Miracles, flow, grace. We don’t handle big problems from a state of stress (this is how we mishandle them); we handle them from a state of grace and trust.

Isn’t it incredible how fast and big are the forces of change these days? In the world at large, impactful and dynamic change is constantly unfolding. In the microcosm of our own lives many of us are facing big energies, intimate and close-up, through illness, work, home, family or relationships. Life-changing decisions are not just an occasional thing, they feel much more common now. We live in a time of epidemic levels of chronic disease that are affecting children (autism, asthma and diabetes) and adults, right through to the elderly (cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s). We face environmental change and disaster which people are beginning to directly feel all over the world. We have leaders in office whose primary concern is power and who dominate the world stage with that energy. And we have a changing financial world. This, and much more, impacts us energetically, emotionally, materially and psychically. And any and all of this can leave us feeling vulnerable. When our own personal life is also kicking off and we face instability or challenge here as well, a sense of overwhelm can set in.

But the external is not the internal and that which is happening externally - out there in our life - is only ever secondary to our inner state of energetic reality.

Problems are not solved on the outside. They are solved within us: in hearts and minds. They are solved by our relationship to ourselves and our world.

When we face oppressive energies in our life, or feel daunted by circumstances, it would be easy to think that we have no power in the face of the ‘big things’ in life. It would be easy to feel that there is this ceiling above us that keeps us from soaring or a huge door in front of us that blocks our path ahead. This may manifest as a level of poverty or ill-health we seem unable to shift away from, an ongoing challenge in our personal life (at home, in our work, within our relationships) that simply does not lift and improve, an absence of love, or a heartache that we cannot move beyond. We may find ourselves constantly striving for something - a relationship, a home of our own, peace and quiet - that we seem unable to manifest. We may find ourselves locked in to patterns that simply will not dissolve and change. Or we may find life changing so quickly, in ways so beyond our control, that we struggle to find our feet.

These are all big energies. And the only place we can handle big energies is by residing within our own centre. We need anchors: energetic anchors that help us hold to our centre and our values when facing overwhelming odds.

Thankfully, Essences help provide this. They key us back to an internal state of empowerment that does not bow to the apparent difficulties arising externally and is not cowed by energies ripe with fear, negativity and confusion. They hold us to a place of hope and vision within, a place of trust and flow, a place where grace naturally and generously keeps appearing. How? They key us back to the force of Love and Light we all have inside, the very nature of Who We Are.

In this blog post, I focus on three orchid essences and one tree essence that I hope you will find helpful. All the Wild Orchid Essences have an ability to unlock doors, clear the way forward, offer a deep and focussed inner connection to one’s personal power, and enrich life. They invoke rigour, stamina, discipline and order. They help us get strong and firm when the ground shifts beneath us. With tree essences, we regain our centre of gravity, an internal alignment which helps us recover our backbone. We get grounded and rooted when we work with tree energy.

Early Spider Orchid

Early Spider Orchid (see image at top of page) essence helps us when we feel profound change approaching or happening in our life, and are daunted by that change. We feel we cannot cope with it - it is just too ‘big’ - and we wish to turn around and go in the other direction. Our fear immobilises us. The change itself can be what we would term good or bad: it doesn’t matter. The fact is that we feel too small to face it. Early Spider Orchid helps us find our courage and steadfastness where life-changing events are coming or are in process; when we need to stand in our centre and navigate them. Think of this essence as helping you to hold the inner context for change to happen for you rather than against you. Think of it as helping you harness the pure potential and dynamism of change, drawing on that energy to move into a new and more harmonious life current that will ease you forward, rather than set you backwards.

Northern Marsh Orchid

This essence helps you get yourself out from under oppressive forces in your life: circumstances that are holding you down, people who put you down or push you around, and obstacles - external and internal - that block your way. It is the essence for Empowerment.

You can use Northern Marsh Orchid’s potent energy whenever you feel weak, held back or pushed down. I have seen people stand up to bullies and change long-standing habits of self-sabotage with this essence. It seems to key into a strong ‘I can do this’ energy which galvanises and mobilises. Obstacles that felt huge and insurmountable get cut down to size as you harness an inner wellspring of energy - of Life - that trumps all outward circumstances. Reconnecting to reservoirs of self-belief, self-worth and self- confidence, you feel ‘activated’ to take the reins of your life and direct your own destiny.

Frog Orchid (see image above)

When you face big energies in your life and start to believe that your outer circumstances are insurmountable, there is an essence that gets right to the core of this energy-state and turns it inside out: Frog Orchid essence helps you regain your miracle-mindedness. This essence reminds you of flow, trust and the very real presence of miracles and serendipitous occurrences. It cements your connection to this inner state. You become this flow and this trust, inhabiting it as your internal reality. And, as you do so, you draw to yourself the external manifestation of this.

It is a lovely essence to work with. Use it to potentise your brightest visions and to open yourself to a flowering of support and opportunity in your life. Use it to shift away from negative and trying circumstances and instead have good fortune work for you.

Celtic Rainforest

This nurturing environmental essence is made in the diminutive forests found hugging the west coast of Mull. These ‘celtic rainforests’ are utterly unique and hold a fey and magical energy. Wind-blasted and stunted in their growth by the ferocious winter storms they endure blasting in from the Atlantic, they are home and refuge to a huge variety of creatures, ferns and fungi, creating tightly knit, self-sustaining communities within their parameters.

This essence supports you in having the trust to take the long-view in life: seeing beyond present difficulties you are willing to let things unfold. It helps you not be cowed by adversity or challenge, and not create unnecessary melodrama around such difficulties. With the aid of these weathered and wondrous trees, you find your steadfast centre. A huge part of this steadfastness is the trust you have in a loving solution unfolding: as you trust this so do you facilitate it. This essence is like pouring balm onto a soul that feels troubled, overwrought and unable to think and see clearly. It takes you within to a sheltered glade, away from the battering energy of the storm, and gives you space to recover insight and strength. Patience, wisdom, trust and discernment are all supported by this regenerative and protective essence.


There are times we live through that put us on our mettle: we must find new reserves of strength and courage, become more flexible and open-minded, root deeper into our hearts. I believe that many of us are living such times. I see the evidence of this all around.

That we have gifts of grace and hope, like essences, to tend our spirits and keep us connected to our inner ability to transcend outer appearances, is beyond value. We need the miracle perspective of Frog Orchid, the solace and restoration of Celtic Rainforest, the emboldening power of Northern Marsh Orchid and the ability to harness the potent energies of change for good with Early Spider Orchid.

Let us be clear though: these qualities are not bestowed on us by the essences: they are already here within us. The essences simply remind us how to reconnect to them. We ourselves have the power to reside in these energies and let them direct our lives, in all and any circumstances. And when we need that extra help, that guiding light, that sense of inner support and direction, the essences are here to help us.


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