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Recovering Emotional Wellbeing

The power of effective support for emotional transformation

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Starts: Monday June 1st, 7pm

Over many years of practice and of working with students of flower essences, I have found that essences are often used in a somewhat limited and superficial way: as natural remedies for taking away uncomfortable emotions. Whilst this can be effective and appropriate in an acute situation such as shock, this approach rarely works with more sustained emotional states like depression, chronic anxiety, low self-esteem, recurring anger, grief that has become locked in, and so on. 

Long-standing emotional states point to the fact that something is fundamentally out of balance in this person's life, and the healing cycle has become stuck. A more comprehensive approach is needed: in order to support true transformation, the skills of holding space and intuitive prescribing are deeply needed: from here, profound trauma and unease can be resolved.


IN THIS FIVE-PART FLOWER ESSENCE COURSE, we will look at how we can help a person, with essences and with our presence, in both acute and emotional psychological trauma, in ways that are truly effective and transformational. 

The course covers:

  • The difference between prescribing for acute emotional trauma and for long-term emotional patterns - learning how to administer essences differently for different needs

  • Deep listening: understanding the type of space we need to hold, the quality of listening available to us and the information we can look for

  • Specific explorations of emotional states: shock states, sadness and grief, depression, anger, rage and frustration, fear and anxiety

  • Bonus session: what does success look like for you as a practitioner

DURATION: Five sessions of 90 minutes over 5 weeks.

PLATFORM:  All sessions will take place on Zoom. You will need a computer or smart phone and will receive a link from Rachel that will take you directly into the meeting space each month.

COST: £125 Booking is essential: a £30 deposit secures your place (please click on box above), full payment due by Monday 27th May 5pm GMT. There are two concession places at £75 for anyone struggling financially - please enquire for details.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds available after May 27th 2020. Any payments before this date (except the non-refundable deposit of £30) will be reimbursed, less 10% admin fees.

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Practitioner Mentoring Group

Coming together for professional learning and support

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Commences: February 2020 

In my one-to-one work with practitioners, I often hear how isolated people feel in their work. Our role is to offer high quality, professional support for others - but we often lack that for ourselves. Working in solitude, day in day out can take its toll. We can feel unsure about and thrown by seemingly simple things, or feel unsure about how to handle things that even an experienced practitioner would find tricky. There is so much to being a practitioner: an ability to listen well and create a truly therapeutic, open space; an ability to handle money, keep track of finances and assert boundaries; an ability to look after our own emotional wellbeing so that we are truly present and available; and so much more. 

These meetings offer space for you to deepen into key topics, explore your own responses and experiences, and listen to those of other like-minded professionals. Confidential, gentle and thoughtful, these sessions will offer a nurturing space for you to refresh and recollect yourself each month.​

Primrose LightBringer Essence

PLATFORM:  All sessions will take place on Zoom. You will need a computer or smart phone and will receive a link from Rachel that will take you directly into the meeting space each month.

DURATION: 90 minutes. The format for each session is simple: Rachel will present that month's topic, sharing ideas and inspiration; the group will have chance to discuss this for 30 minutes; and the final 30 minutes will be for any people who need particular support from the group for a professional issue


Monday 10th February 3 - 4.30pm 

Monday 2nd March 3 - 4.30pm

Monday 6th April 3 - 4.30pm             

Monday May 4th 3 - 4.30pm

Monday June 1st 3 - 4.30pm

Monday 29th June 3 - 4.30pm 

Please note, these dates may be changed during the programme of sessions if unforeseen circumstances arise. A new alternative date will be arranged with this group if this happens.

CAN'T MAKE THESE TIMES? It is always difficult to get a time to suit everyone. As the sessions are only once a month, I am hoping that people can work around these times. However, if you wish to be involved and really cannot make these times, let me know. 

WANT TO KNOW MORE: Get in touch. I would love to speak or email with you to explore whether this online group is right for you

COST: £140 (This works out around £25 per session)

PAYMENT AND CANCELLATIONS: A non-refundable deposit of £50 is due to secure your place. The remaining payment of £90 falls due on January 31st by 5pm GMT. If you need to cancel after your final payment has been made up until commencement of the course you will have this returned in full (less non-refundable deposit). After this time, no refunds will be available.

Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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