RESOURCES: MONTH 6 - February 2021

Welcome to the Resources Page for Month Six.

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PDFs from this weekend


Nourishment presentation

Exercise on Tuning In to your Body: Diagram and Questions


The Elements


There are many wonderful resources out there that point back to wellbeing and the body.

We didn't get to talk about the microbiome this weekend; however, Dr Zach Bush offers some phenomenal resources and insights into this area or our body and wellbeing. It is as close to an inside-outside understanding as we get, whilst looking at the form. He has recently put together a comprehensive programme on wellbeing education that looks at the microbiome, the virome, innate immunity and much more. Go to his website to find out more:

These are pretty advanced. If you want a lighter way in, simply look him up on YouTube and explore some of the interviews people have done with him. 

These are three books that take a holistic approach to nutrition and to what vital, nutrient-dense nourishment can look like. They are quite prescriptive, but you read them lightly - not as rules but as information that might resonate with your body - and they could give you some helpful pointers. 

'Fibre Fuelled' by Dr Will Bulsiewicz

'How not to Die' by Dr Michael Greger

'Eat to Live' by Dr Joel Fuhrman

Dr Dean Ornish combines a gentle understanding of food, exercise and love in his book 'Undo it'. 

To look at the body's physical wellbeing in a Three Principles way, I highly recommend Chana Studley's book 'Painless'. This is written as a novel but is actually a deep exploration of how thought manifests in the body. Some challenging ideas in here, but I have seen it release people from a whole level of thinking - and pain - they didn't realise they were carrying.

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The latest Flower Essence Session is an article on Dowsing that has just gone out as my newsletter. You can find the full article here:

Dowsing 101

Selecting essences intuitively is one fo the things that so many of us love and cherish about essence work. We really get to anchor into the feminine part of ourselves (and this is the same for all of us, regardless of gender) and connect into the deeper currents of our life when we work intuitively.


In the live Flower Essence Q&A (February 15th 2021) I discussed this and other aspects of essence work in more detail. Password as usual: innerwisdom

Flower Essence Q&A February 2021

The previous Flower Essence sessions are here below for your convenience.


If you have not yet seen the first session, click here:


The second session looks at the nuts and bolts of administering Flower Essences: what to do with that stock bottle of essences you buy, how to make a dosage bottle, the difference between stock and dosage and when to use which, and a recap on other ways of administering and using the essences. 

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In this third session, we meet some of the essences. This session focuses on how to use a 'Rescue Remedy' or 'Emergency Essence'. Nearly every essence range there is has their equivalent of this. It is the 'go-to' remedy whenever a person is in distress, shock or overwhelm and needs some gentle, effective support. 

This video explores the practicalities of how to use emergency essences. I teach you about Light Support Combination and the potential for working with an essence like this in situations of acute distress, or for longer term support. Here, you will meet some of the individual essences that make up the combination and experience some of their gifts and teachings. 

Watch the video here:  Password: innerwisdom

You can access the accompanying PDF by clicking on the image below:


There are some beautiful movement practices out there in the world and, thanks to the internet, we have masses of knowledge at our fingertips. Think of any area of exercise - swimming, running, dancing, stretching - and there are people who are delivering classes and teaching that can make each of these simpler, more enjoyable experiences.

Movement is one of the key ways in which we get to express and enjoy our physicality. 

It makes sense to have this be as joyful, health-supporting and regenerative as possible.

The following resources offer some ways into approaching movement from you, within your body, rather than from your head. 

THE FRANKLIN METHOD - use your Orange Franklin Balls

Eric Franklin's website:

Rachael Hall's website:

Free sessions from Rachael here:

Massage for neck and mid-back:

Toned and supple abdominals:

What I love about Franklin method:

  • It assists very deep relaxation and makes this quickly and easily attainable, even in people who have trouble unwinding.

  • It works with the parasympathetic nervous system, which is helpful if you live in 'fight or flight' a lot of the time. 

  • You are rebalancing the body's muscles and regaining alignment with every session.

  • You constantly develop your ability to sense your body and relax your body, which is deeply impactful over time.

  • It can be done in the comfort of your own home, it doesn't take long and it is very quiet and peaceful.


There are many different approaches to Qigong and T'ai Chi. This flowing movement practice is deeply grounding and is aimed at deepening, storing and harnessing inner vitality and strength.

One teacher I love and can recommend is Mingtong Gu. 

His website is here:

And you can find a free sample of his Vitality practice here:

What I love about Qigong and T'ai Chi:

  • It assists very deep relaxation very quickly.

  • It works with the parasympathetic nervous system, which is helpful if you live in 'fight or flight' a lot of the time. 

  • You learn how to actively cultivate energy or Chi, and you learn how to direct this in your life more mindfully.

  • You are strengthening the body's flow with every session.

  • You constantly develop your ability to sense your chi.

  • It can be done in the comfort of your own home, it doesn't take long and it is very quiet and peaceful.


Again, there are so many teachers and styles!

I know a lot of people who have been speaking highly of this teacher during lockdown - Yoga With Adriene

What I love about Yoga:

  • It is quickly transformative. You soon feel stronger, more flexible and more physically balanced very quickly. This strength and alignment helps I every aspect of life.

  • You can access it on different levels - as a physical exercise or a mindful, sacred practice.

  • You can do it in the comfort of your own home and it an be as vigorous or as gentle as you wish.

  • There is always more to learn and explore.




Walking is the ultimate exercise. It is free, you get to do it outdoors in any weather, with only minimal gear required - most of which you already have hanging in your closet - and you get all the stimulus and goodness of being out in nature. You already know how to do it and every part of your body is involved in this movement. It is like movement massage.

I love Chi Walking:

It is a more mindful and efficient way of using the body. When I saw that I could easily go twice as far with no more effort, I was hooked. Chi Walking is half way between normal walking and running. It is a way of moving at speed - slinky, grounded and sinuous!- whilst being totally connected into your energy and to the environment you are moving through. 

If you want to up the pace, take a look at Chi Running (same website).