RESOURCES: MONTH 3 - November 2020

Welcome to the Resources Page for Month Three.

The links to the recordings of the first day's teachings are available to watch on Vimeo, or you can download the audio from Google Drive. You can access them as follows:


Password to access the private page: easyhealer






Below, you will find extra online content for those of you who wish to explore further this month. We highly recommend that you dive in and take a look. All the resources we are sharing with you have the potential to be profound and far-reaching. And it is our hope that you will find many gems here for yourself - and others - going forward.

We ask that you please respect the privacy of the other people on this training and keep all content private and confidential. These recordings are for your eyes and ears only and not for sharing. 

PDFs from Rachel's Presentations

PRESENTATION 1: Signs of Returning Wellbeing

PRESENTATION 2: Ease and Disease

PDF from Ian's Presentation

Direction of Cure​



John El-Mokadem experienced severely debilitating chronic fatigue earlier in his life. 

In the interview linked below, he speaks of his journey back from this. A moment of profound realisation came for him when his doctor put him through a battery of tests and found that the key thing that was showing up as being 'off' was his cortisol levels: the levels of this stress hormone in his body were through the roof. 

As many of you will know, the body produces cortisol when in danger to enable the fight or flight response to get you out of danger. When John heard that his body was in this state of constant high alert he began asking himself, 'where exactly is the danger?' Because there wasn't really anything in his life to justify this. 

He realised that he was living in a body flooded by the chemical effects of constant, stressful thinking. The fears were imagined; the body felt them as real. And the effect of this was causing a cascade of increasingly severe, debilitating and real symptoms . . 

The link is below. Scroll down to the third listing on the page. Podcast Episode 1: The Primal Happiness Show - How I recovered from Chronic Fatigue (Part One)




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Repetition of Doses



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For session 1, see the previous month's resources. 

Next session coming soon!

Your Orange Franklin balls - Next session 

If you haven't yet purchased your orange Franklin balls, you can do so here in the UK or here if you are abroad.

The Franklin Method is a gentle approach to exercise that challenges the current wisdom on how exercise should look and feel. It doesn't mean that other ways of exercising are wrong, nor does it take away from how enjoyable they are. Rather, it gives an alternative that is less 'yang' in nature - less directive and dynamic, and more yin - flowing, intuitive and restorative.


The Franklin Method helps us to deeply connect to our body, at any time, and quickly and effortlessly unravel deep knots and tensions. 

Accessing greater movement and flow throughout the whole body happens through an inside-out approach. Rather than putting your body through a set of mechanical movements you have been told to do (and, again, there is a time and place for this), you engage in exploratory movement from the inside. How your body moves today will be in direct response to your intuitive sense of your own fluidity, range and expressiveness on a given day. Sometimes, very small movements will feel deep and nourishing to your body and spirit; at other times, you will find yourself taking your movements much wider and further, allowing yourself greater expansion and exploration.


This next video is a deeper version of the "Relaxing Legs" session from Month 1. For now, when undertaking either of these sequences of movement, make sure you set aside some quiet spacious time - a half hour is perfect - in which to do this where you can have quality time focussing inwards.


Before you start, take a moment to notice how you are in your body before you do these movements, then, go through the video from start to finish. Once you have done that, allow yourself some time to go back to any aspect of the video that you particularly liked and use the rest of your time to explore around this movement.

DO NOT WORRY if you can't do all of the exercises for as long as Rachael Hall on your first few attempts. I soon discovered that I had weak arms after a couple of minutes of tapping my legs with the balls when I first tried this! And that my wrists complained when I rested back on them to roll on the ball. In time, that has all changed. The lesson here is go slowly, honour what your body can do today and do not strain or injure yourself by doing too much too quickly. You will get much more benefit from building this up gradually. 


Legs - relaxing and easing tension from your ankles right up to to your pelvis and the large glute muscles in your bottom.

Wrists, arms and shoulders - you will find that these all gradually strengthen as you do this exercise.

Core - as you move around on the balls, you will be gently and naturally engaging your deep core muscles which helps with your back and your overall posture. 

A sense of connectivity to and within your body - you begin to become more integrated in your overall movements as you continue to practice this sequence. 

The Franklin balls act gently on your muscles, smoothing the way and giving you active feedback as you explore your body's fluidity. This exercise is quite vigorous but it should nevertheless feel relaxing as well.