RESOURCES: MONTH 2 - October 2020

Welcome to the Resources Page for Month Two.

The links to the recordings of the first day's teachings are available to watch on Vimeo, or you can download the audio from Google Drive. You can access them as follows:


Password to access the private page: easyhealer






Below, you will find extra online content for those of you who wish to explore further this month. We highly recommend that you dive in and take a look. All the resources we are sharing with you have the potential to be profound and far-reaching. And it is our hope that you will find many gems here for yourself - and others - going forward.

We ask that you please respect the privacy of the other people on this training and keep all content private and confidential. These recordings are for your eyes and ears only and not for sharing. 

PDFs from Rachel's Presentations

PRESENTATION 1: The challenge and potential of Shock and Trauma

PRESENTATION 2: Responding Holistically and the 3 Tier Understanding of Trauma

PDFs from Ian's Presentation

PRESENTIATION 1: Susceptibility



Some of you have been asking for a link to the podcast that I did with Liz Scott this summer. This podcast is part of an  series Liz has been doing on Listening. I feel that every practitioner, and every person interested in helping others, would benefit from listening to this. The sessions are short - around 20-25 minutes - and they are a powerful reminder of how potent the act of listening is. Liz interviewed me on the topic of Listening to Your Body:

And she has done a beautiful interview with Ian on Nature's Healing Power.

I also highly recommend this one with the wonderful Dicken Bettinger on The Art of Listening.


A wonderful interview that looks at trauma and PTSD through the understanding known as the Three Principles.


The following video is a presentation I did recently with a live group. This is for people who are completely new to essences, or who wish to hear my own story of how I came to learn of and fall in love with essences. Over the next few motnhs, I will be sharing two or three more videos showing you how to use essences, but this is the starting point.

Access to this video is currently private. This may change but for now please use the HH password to gain access: inner wisdom