Healing Conversations

Listen in as Rachel Singleton and Ian Watson present a series of Healing Conversations

What is Healing? What does it require of us? How do we move with it and through it rather than fight against it?

Healing is not always what we think or indeed fear that it will be. When we undertake the journey of Healing - either because our body calls us to this or because our spirit does - the person we are at the start is not the same person we will be at the end. Healing takes us through a rite of passage. By the end of this we will mature, we will deepen, we will open, we will become more fully our Self. And we will drop the burden of all that is no longer relevant to us. Healing takes us on a journey into and through ourselves; by the time we reach the end, we have landed on a new shore. 

Ian and I see this journey of evolution and growth, this journey back to wellbeing, in therapeutic sessions with clients and in our work mentoring and training practitioners. In these Healing Conversations we explore this journey in-depth: what is health, what are signs of returning wellbeing, what blocks healing, how can the therapeutic space best facilitate this, how can the client empower themselves, and so much more. These are conversations rich with insight. We offer them to you here with wonder and gratitude: these insights form the core of the work we each do, and they refresh and revitalise our commitment daily. Sharing this with each other and with you feels a true gift. May these insights help make the journey of healing feel possible, even exciting for you, as you move forward.

Rachel Singleton

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Healing Conversation 1: What is Healing?

Healing Conversation 1 - What is Healing?
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Please click on the link below to listen to Healing Conversation 1. Here, Ian and Rachel discuss what healing is and begin to set the scene for the conversations to come. Start here if you are new to the Healing Conversations.

Recorded: 10th April 2019

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Healing Conversation 2: Personal Authority

Healing Conversation 2 - Personal Authority
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This is a topic that touches us whether we are a client or a practitioner. It is concerned with how we can claim our right to our own healing journey, to our own personal empowerment and sovereignty regarding our healing choices and path. Together, Ian and Rachel explore what this means and take a look at three key areas where we can give ourselves greater permission: with our boundaries, with speaking our truth, and with practising self-care. 

Recorded: 2nd May 2019

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Healing Conversation 3: The Inward Journey

Healing Conversation 3 - The Inward Journey
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At some point on the healing journey, we must go within to face, accept and transcend those areas of deepest resistance. It is only when we journey through such areas that we find the gold at the other side: what initially appeared to be frightening, overwhelming or negative to us, once embraced, becomes a source of potency. The other side of depression is joy. The other side of anger is kindness and tenderness. The other side of tension is softness. In this conversation, we begin to explore this in more detail, including within this Joseph Campbell's idea of 'the healer's journey'. This is deeply empowering information that can transform how we view illness and challenge in our lives. 

Recorded: 28th May 2019

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Healing Conversation 4: Getting a Diagnosis

Definitely one of my favourite conversations so far. In this HC, Ian and I discuss what exactly a diagnosis is. It can be incredibly useful - and reassuring - to have our symptoms understood, recognised and 'named'. However, a diagnosis from one system of medicine can be very different from that of another - as can the prognosis. How much choice do we have once we receive a diagnosis? Is this 'the end point'?And what are the deeper implications of any diagnosis? Ian is on fine form in this conversation! Some incredible insights coming through. 

Recorded: 18th June 2019

Healing Conversation 4 - Diagnosis
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Healing Conversation 5: Signs of Wellbeing

Healing Conversation 5 - Signs of Wellbeing
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When we are on the healing path, sometimes, the issue we have come to have treated is not the first thing to improve. In fact, it can often be the last. However, there are a number of profound shifts that we will start to experience that show us that we are on the right path. Many people don't know to look for these and their practitioner may not discuss them. They are often happening out of awareness. In this conversation, Ian and I look in detail at some of the key signs of returning wellbeing. 

Recorded: 16th September 2019

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Healing Conversation 6: The Power of Insight

Healing Conversations 6 - The Power of Insight
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This is the conversation that will clarify much of what we have already discussed so far and pave the way for discussions to come.

In this Healing Conversation, we go behind daily reality to look at the nature of consciousness itself. We look at the power of thought, and more specifically insight, to start to get clear about how our daily reality is created. There is much more to say on this topic, so look out for more conversations to come . . . . 

Recorded: 15th November 2019

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There are two kinds of therapists and coaches: those for whom their practice is a burden and a struggle - maybe they cannot get it off the ground, or they have lots of clients but they don't have good boundaries, or they feel uncertain about what they offer and like an impostor; and then there are those who are effortlessly shining their light and joyfully doing work which is effective and transformative. 

Ian and I have both experienced something of each end of the spectrum . . . and we know which we prefer!

This is a short exploration of the difference and some insights we can share around this. 

Recorded: 2nd March 2021


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Healing Conversation 7: Practising with Ease


How can we move in the direction of health, no matter where we're starting from or how long we've been struggling? It begins with a shift in understanding and an opening to a possibility we hadn't seen before.


We can learn to discern what supports us in becoming healthier and what doesn't. We can begin to trust our own body-wisdom and the feedback it is giving us. We can recover an innate knowing that we all have around how to nourish ourselves from the inside out.

Recorded: 17th May 2021


Healing Conversation 8: Creating Health

Creating HealthHealing Conversations 8
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