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MEDITATION: An Inner Conversation

This short guided meditation provides a gentle reminder of the healing capacity that is innately in and of you. May it be a source of comfort and gentle grounding when life feels a little stressful. . . !


Liz Scott's Listening Series of podcasts are a beautiful resource for anyone who is interested in the transformative power of listening. This interview was recorded in 2020 and explores how Rachel recovered from chronic ill-health problems by listening to her body's innate wisdom, and letting this be her guide. 

You can listen to more of the Inner Compass podcasts here


A series of recorded conversations between Rachel Singleton and Ian Watson. Here you can listen in as two experienced practitioners explore aspects of healing - both from the point of view of the client and of the practitioner. A wealth of insights, information and good sense to help you navigate your healing journey or to help you in your healing practice. 

EFFORTLESS SUCESS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR: Conversation with Ian Watson, interviewed by Miisa Helenius

Miisa Helenius asked Rachel Singleton and Ian Watson to join her for a conversation about effortless success. She works directly with entrepreneurs and has attended Rachel and Ian's Practitioner Mentoring Space. She was curious to see how an understanding of ease would help those who run their own businesses and seem to find it nothing but struggle. Her insightful questions opened up a discussion that quickly went deep.

Find out more about Ian Watson here:

And Miisa Helenius here:


The Power Surges exercise offers a way to navigate difficult and intense emotions when you are right in the midst of them. This is a recording Rachel did for an online class. She is reading the exercise from Wild and Sacred Medicine - the LightBringer Essence Handbook, and you can find the transcript of it there.

Power Surges
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