Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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Working hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm

Would you like to connect with me in person to see if I can help you? If I feel I am not the best person for you, I will let you know. The best time to call me is during my phone-in:

Weekly phone-in: Monday 4pm-6pm

Essential Self Sessions

It is true of our times that many struggle to know and heed the voice of their own self. We live in a marketplace of voices and through increasing technology we are increasingly on demand. The cacophony of sound, opinions, demands and criticisms we meet in any one day can drown out our own knowing, distract us from our goals and purpose, and undermine our confidence.

Yet we have within a wisdom that endures despite all this. We have within us a deep, quiet knowing that is responsive to the moment, that can recognise our exact needs as they are happening, and that can see the moment’s truth and stay anchored in it. This knowing teaches us how to live healthily, how to love well and how to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. 
Learning to recognise this is a vital and necessary life skill; but it is not one that we are taught. We have to grow into it. We have to find our way back to it. We have to reclaim that voice and that knowing. As we do so, we begin to trust it to shape our life ... and our life begins to transform.

Sessions take place by phone or by Skype/Zoom so you will be able to access this support wherever you are in the world. If you live in Cumbria and wish to see me face-to-face, please get in touch to check for availability.


The sessions are quiet and contemplative. There is a sacredness to this space, as we both deeply listen, and feel for, your truth. The sessions are almost meditative. Here is space in which you can quietly consider areas of pain, struggle or tension in your life, or consider how to live your life in a way which feels more meaningful and healthy than you are currently experience. In these sessions, I encourage you to heed your inner voice and begin to listen for that within you which invites you to live a life of great joy, peace and love. As you connect with this, it begins to take you forward.


The Essential Self Sessions are suitable for you if you wish to connect with and heed your deeper Self; discover what is blocking you; understand the feel of energy flow in your body and your life and assist this in flowering; and understand what might be pulling you away from your truth and why.

Essential Self Sessions are solidly self-empowering: they are not suitable for anyone who wishes to stay stuck or have someone else fix them.


You are welcome to book a single session initially to see how this work feels. 

Sessions are usually 3-4 weeks apart, depending on how frequently you need them. The closer together they are, the more quickly the understanding seems to grow and the 'dots' join. You will have a total of 8 months in which to complete your programme. After this, if you have not managed to use up all your sessions, and if I have space available, you will be able to have your final sessions but these will revert to full price at £60 each.

Past clients have found it helpful to do a series of six sessions then take a break for a few months whilst putting into practice the insights and guidance they have gleaned. Some come back again at a later date to explore further. (A common pattern is six sessions over six months, then three months off, repeated twice over the course of one year, until a person feels ready to go it alone.) 


The full programme is £360 and includes a prescription bottle of flower essences with each session. For full fees and cancellation information and to book, please see below.


To commence the programme a non-refundable fee of £130 is required. This includes your booking fee for the rest of the programme and payment for the first session. The 5 remaining sessions are £46 each, due 7 days before the next session.

The first payment is non-refundable and cannot be reclaimed once paid.

If you wish to cancel the programme at any point, once underway, cancellations made up to 7 days before the next session will result in no further charges. After this time, the payment for the next session will have been processed and cannot be refunded.

To change a booking for a session, please give 2 working days notice or there will be an admin charge of £10.

Payments can be made by BACS, PayPal or card.


If you would like to know more or connect with me personally first, please contact me by email:

Or call me in my phone-in time: Monday afternoon 4-6pm 015394 37427


If you feel ready to begin work straight away, please click the button below. I will be in touch to arrange times with you. Please note my working hours below. 


My therapy days are usually Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursday between 10am-6pm, and Friday afternoons but I may have slots on occasion on other days and will try to be flexible if you are unable to make these hours.

Please note, at certain times there may be a delay before I can commence working with you if my practice is particularly busy. I will always endeavour to fit you in as soon as possible.

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