Supporting Your Deepest Self

Listen Within - Single Session

1hour SESSION by phone, skype or Zoom


Are you looking for a quiet hour to sit with your deeper Self, to tune in and find your voice again?
This single session is a space to reconnect with your own wisdom. 

Sometimes an hour is all it takes. 

This Essential Self single session gives you space to be quietly in your own presence, guided and held by another. 

Or you may wish to use it as an opportunity to connect with Rachel to see if you wish to work with her further.

1 x 1 hour session (includes flower essences to the UK and Europe where required): £85

6 x 1 hour SESSIONS OVERS 5 MONTHS by phone, skype or Zoom

This includes one free session to gift to a loved one or to a stranger

Something transformational begins to happen when we settle quietly into presence and attune to our deepest Self. When this becomes the place we operate from most of the time, our life begins to open up in ways we have never dreamed possible.

As we begin to truly listen at this level of our being, we gain access to an inner guidance system that constantly and impeccably shows up in our body and mind, pointing us back to our own wellbeing.

Learning to hear and heed from this place we find that we can naturally move in the direction of peace and health, every time. And that this inner sight and wisdom is available to us all of the time.

The Essence Self Sessions offer you 5 months of support as you reconnect with the deeply insightful space of your own wisdom.

Together, we will listen for and explore where this inner grace

seeks to take you.

6 x 1 hour session over 5 months (optional 30ml bottle of flower essences included with each session). This package also includes the option of gifting one free to a loved one or to a stranger.




Please enquire for availability


with a 5-10 minute comfort break in the middle 

Sometimes we need just one single session to re-set ourselves, to get back our internal alignment. 

We know we are Whole and Well within, but our experience of this may feel as if it is just out of reach at this time. Instead, we are temporarily out of kilter with ourselves and our life, knotted up and struggling to get our bearings. We may or may not know whey we are feeling like this, but we do know that something isn't quite right.


We are looking for a quiet space where can take our time to gently explore, feeling our way back to Self. 

The Deep Presence Immersion session is a place of spacious presence in which you are gently invited back to your Self.

1 x 2 hour session (plus optional 30ml bottle of flower essences):


Please enquire for availability

Email Rachel a brief summary of your healing needs at this time

Receive a bottle of essences to support and tend you

We don't always want to talk, but we do know that we need support.

Here is where the gentle, intuitive energy of Flower Essences are truly a gift. The purity and grace of the flowers can touch and tend areas of our being that we might struggle to put words round. 


The Essence Dowsing Service enables you to receive a gentle energy attunement to your current state. Rachel will dowse for a bottle of essences for you and send these out to you.

Once you receive them, you will have enough essences for 2- 4 weeks. You will be able to read about the essences that have come up in this mini 'energy reading' and have the benefit of seeing what the essences point towards in terms of your healing lessons at this time.


(Please note: this service is also included in all of the other consultations Rachel offers above). 


Cost:  £38 (postage additional)