Support for Your Deep Self

Flower Essence Consultation

1 hour spoken session by phone, skype or Zoom

Come and bathe in quiet presence and allow your deep Self to be held and seen.

The Flower Essence Consultation offers you breathing space to explore the truth of your needs at this time, gain insight into your path and progress, and receive the wisdom and support of the flower essences. I will hold space with you and guide you to hear your deeper self fully. Together, we will listen, feel, explore, restore and reconnect to your innate health and wisdom.

£65 for 1 hour session including 30ml bottle of essences prescribed for you

£55 follow-up sessions within 1 calendar month

Essence Dowsing Service


Sometimes we don't want to talk, but we know that we need support. The Essence Dowsing Service allows you to receive a gentle attunement to your current energetic state. A bottle of essences, dowsed specifically for you, will be sent out, and you will also have the benefit of seeing what the essences point towards in terms of your healing lessons at this time: a mini 'Reading'. 

Cost £32

Alignment Session

A single session for exploration, insight and release regarding a current challenge you are facing in your life.

Here, we will deeply connect with your wisdom, following this as it takes you beyond the apparent limitations you are facing, back to your own deep knowing.


One hour spoken session by skype, zoom or phone, with personal preparatory time before and reflection time after. 

Cost £95 

Soul Reading

The Soul Reading is a shamanic reading, rich with symbolism and imagery, that uncovers the energy you are transmitting and moving through at this time. This Reading will illuminate your psyche and consciousness, the blocks and difficulties you are experiencing and the way ahead that is clearest and brightest. 

The Soul Reading happens at a distance: you will simply spend the time at home, or in nature, quietly tuning in and receiving.

Includes a full transcript, essences and a 30 minute phone follow-up. 

Cost £195

Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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