Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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Would you like to connect with me in person to see if I can help you? If I feel I am not the best person for you, I will let you know. The best time to call me is during my phone-in:

Weekly phone-in: Monday 4pm-6pm

My Services

We have within us a deep, quiet knowing that is responsive to the moment, that can recognise our exact needs as they are happening, and that can see the moment’s truth and stay anchored in it.

Learning to recognise this is a vital and necessary life skill. But it is not one that we are taught. We have to grow into it. We have to find our way back to it. We have to reclaim that voice and that knowing. As we do so, we begin to trust it to shape our life ... and allow our lives to transform.

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A Soul Reading involves a full scanning of your 'soulscape' or energy-field as it presents at this time. 

The soul is a beautiful thing. Its natural state is light and purity. This is the case for every single one of us. For each person it has its own particular quality, a special flavour that is your true Essence.

As you go through life, and particularly when you are facing a time of challenge, you can feel a long way from this natural radiance and the essence of Who You Really Are. The Reading will show what in your self, your life-choices and your life may be blocking or distorting your inner radiance and flow.


Through Nature Divination, Flower Essences and Soul Scanning, I deeply read your soul-scape as it currently presents and suggest ways forward that will help you direct your energy with greater clarity and understanding.

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This one-off session provides you with a deeply focussed, intentional space in which to attune to your truth when facing a particularly challenging time or situation. This is a space to really hear your inner wisdom, to feel for where flow lies, to discern between conditioned thinking (which may be leading you down old familiar cul-de-sacs) and the truly potent feeling of your authentic truth. ​


I use divination and energy alignment techniques before and during your session to help maintain a 'space of truth' in which you can clearly and honestly look at yourself, your deep aims and anything which may be standing in the way of this. You will remember the feel of ease, recall the sense of flow, find the blueprint of your own knowing and sense how to stay connected with these as you move forward. 

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The Essence Dowsing Service enables you to receive essences from me as I attune to your current energy state and the issues you are facing. Unlike the above sessions which involve one-to-one spoken time with me, the Essence Dowsing Service is done at a distance. Simply follow the directions below and book your space using the Book An Appointment service (above right) and I will dowse for you with the information you provide. 


Take some time to tune into yourself first: in a quiet space, perhaps with a candle lit and some essential oils or incense gently scenting the room, tune into the issue you are wanting support with. Gently allow yourself to be with this in its entirety, without fretting or avoiding. Let it be just as it is and let yourself feel just as you honestly do. 

You do not have to worry about how to express this as I will get the energy of this as soon as I attune to you.

Now email your full name, date of birth and a word or phrase that sums up the healing quality you need at this time: e.g. strength, the ability to trust others, to let go of the past . . .  and send this to me. 


Your essences will be dowsed within 4 working days of my receiving your email and payment, and should be with you a couple of days later. You will receive details of the essences that have come through so that you can read about these in more detail and understand their teachings and guidance.