Deep Presence Immersion

Deep Presence Immersion

Are you seeking a new way of approaching a challenge in your life - a way that is more deeply aligned with your truth and with your soul? Do you wish to come to this more mindfully, from your higher awareness? Are you ready to heed your inner wisdom and make significant changes?
An Alignment Session is suitable for anyone who wishes to work on an issue in a mindful way. The session offers a means to recover your authentic voice in a situation which challenges your ability to clearly hear your own truth.
It is part of our evolution as human beings that we learn to respond to our life from our highest energy vibrations - and let go of the reactivity and defensiveness of old lower energy vibrations.
What does this mean for you? What is your own body and being showing you? What works for you right now and what plainly does not? Alignment Session offers you a sacred space to tune in and find out.


An Alignment Session is suitable for you if you wish to connect with and heed your deeper Self; discover what is blocking you; understand the feel of energy flow in your body and your life and assist this in flowering; and understand what might be pulling you away from your truth and why.

Alignment Sessions are solidly self-empowering: they are not suitable for anyone who wishes to stay stuck or have someone else fix them.


In the days before, you will receive an Alignment Sheet from me by email. This helps you begin to focus your awareness on the challenge you are facing from a higher level of your being.

The session itself takes place over the phone or internet and you will need to set aside time for this and create a quiet sacred space beforehand. This is crucial. You are making an appointment with your own Soul so you need to ensure you book your consultation for a time when you will not be interrupted. Set a nurturing safe space, perhaps using candles, essences, incense and oils.

During the session, you and I will enter a gentle meeting place of quiet attention and begin to explore the challenge you are facing.

After the session, I will ask you to write down the insights that come from it in order to clarify and keep these (you are welcome to email me these if you wish so that I can ‘witness’ these). At the same time, I will be continuing to attune to you for a short time after the session as I dowse for essences for you. Your prescription bottle of Flower Essences will be sent on to you afterwards.


The session itself takes place by phone or by Skype/Zoom so you will be able to access this support wherever you are in the world. The spoken session is 1 HOUR. However, the entire process of setting up sacred space beforehand will take you about half an hour. (At the same time I will be setting up sacred space and beginning to attune to your energy-field and soul-scape from a distance). Tthe reflection time afterwards takes another half hour. In total you need to set aside 2 HOURS.

The consultation time you book will be for the start of this 2 hour period.

You will call me half an hour into that two hour session to start our spoken consultation. I will clarify the time for our spoken appointment in an email in the days before when I send you your Alignment Sheet.


I ask that you leave 3 months between Alignment Sessions. This work is very deep and very focussed. It will lead to key insights and energetic changes within the session itself, and these will ripple out through you and your life in the coming weeks. Allowing this process to happen enables the potency of these sessions.


The full session, including the attunement time and the bottle of Essences is £95.


A £35 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your place. The full fee for the session is payable 7 days before the session.

To change a booking for a session, please give 2 working days notice or there will be an admin charge of £10.

Your appointment can be cancelled up to 7 days before the session and you will receive a refund of £70. After this time, no refunds are available.

Payments can be made by BACS, PayPal or card.


To book your session, please use the button below to book direct through the website or contact me:
Tel: 015394 37427 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm

Please note I am not available to answer the phone when I am with clients. Please leave me a message and I will call you back, or contact me in my weekly phone-in when I aim to be available for enquiries and bookings: Monday 4-6pm

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Contact: by email

Contact: by email

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